Coronavirus 2020

The UK went into Lockdown on the 23rd March (my Son’s birthday) and things have been different since! The post below has circulated Facebook and sums up the beginning of the Coronavirus Outbreak. I thought I would add it here so I have a record. Some things have already changed but wanted to have this in it’s original form! 

If you want up to date Coronavirus news, follow Jenny at The Brick Castle (either on her blog here or on her Facebook here )- she is doing daily updates and they are written so well; they make sense and are easy to understand, my now go to daily update! 

Here is the post –

Prime Minister Boris Johnson started lockdown on the evening of 23rd of March 2020 ?
On the 5th April he was admitted to hospital after 10 days self isolating with the Corona Virus ?
On the 6th April he is in intensive care with deteriorating symptoms ?
The Queen addressed the nation at 8pm on 5th April ?
Excel now known as NHS Nightingale and will be a hospital for up to 4,000 patients, most of whom are on ventilators. Similar venues being used in cities across the country. Opened by Prince Charles at 11am on 3rd April ?
Community support groups established, to support the vulnerable, elderly, immunocompromised and people in enforced isolation due to exposure, in their community ????
Petrol ⛽️ price close to home ? was £1.02.
Schools closed on Friday 20 March. ?Remote learning in place ?
Self-distancing measures required ☹️
Tape on the floors at grocery stores ❌ and others to help distance shoppers ? (2 mtrs) from each other.
Limited number of people inside stores, therefore, lineups outside the store doors ?
Non-essential stores and businesses mandated closed ? People who can work ??‍???‍? from home ?
Parks ? trails, entire cities ? closed or restricted to locals only in their bubble.
Entire sports ⚽️ ? ? seasons cancelled.
Olympics postponed to 2021. ??⚫??
Concerts ? tours ? festivals ?? entertainment events ? cancelled ?
Weddings ???? family celebrations ? holiday gatherings ?‍?‍?‍? even funerals ⚰️ cancelled ?
No masses, churches ⛪️ are closed ?
No gatherings of 50 or more, then 20 or more, then 10 or more. Now, Don’t socialize with anyone outside of your home bubble ⚗️
Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, and all other TV networks are on in every home daily now ?
Children’s outdoor play parks are closed ?
We are to distance from each other. Shortage of masks ? gowns ? gloves ? for our front-line workers.
Shortage of ventilators for the critically ill ? in many parts of the world.
Refrigerated trucks for the dead outside hospitals in the USA ?? Italy ?? Spain ?? China ?? and more.
Panic buying ? sets in and we have limits on toilet paper ? disinfecting supplies, paper towels, staple foods ? hand sanitizer ? Flour is hard to get because the packaging comes from China ?? and borders are closed ?
Manufacturers ? distilleries and other businesses ? switch their lines to help make visors, masks ? hand sanitizer ? and PPE ?
Fines are established for breaking lockdown rules ?
Stadiums ? and recreation facilities overseas open up for the overflow of Covid-19 ? patients.
Public Park ? areas turned into caravan parks for stranded tourists to self isolate ?
Press conferences daily from the PM ?‍♂️ and other government ? officials. Daily updates on new cases, recoveries, and deaths ⚰️
Government ? incentives to stay home. Barely anyone on the roads ?
People wearing masks ? and gloves outside ?
Essential service workers are terrified to go to work ?? ??‍⚕️ ??
Medical field workers ??‍⚕️ are afraid to go home to their families ?‍?‍?
A 99 year old WWII veteran Captain Tom Moore raised £26 million for NHS charities walking 100 lengths of his garden before he turned 100. His target was £1000. People from all over the world donated to his cause. ??‍♂️???
82,195 deaths globally so far.
This is the Novel Coronavirus ? (Covid-19) Pandemic, WHO declared March 11th, 2020.
Why, you ask, do I write ? this status?
One day it will show up in my memory ? feed, and it will be a yearly reminder that life is precious and not to take the things we dearly love for granted ?
We have so much! ??
Be thankful. Be grateful ?
Be kind to each other – love one another – support everyone

Christmas with Paladone (Review)

Christmas is just around the corner, There is only one week to go. If you are anything like me, you are probably still Christmas Shopping. I have definite gaps in my lists for people and to add to that Hubby’s birthday is New Year’s Eve!

Luckily Paladone have some brilliant products to suit all and even better for me…. they sent me some to have a look at and tell you about!

When the box arrived there was much excitement and on opening the box there was even more! I actually think Hubby and Me were the most excited about these items. Paladone have themed products ranging from film to Gaming to Comics; there really is something to suit everyone in our family and a lot of people we know! We couldn’t wait to get stuck in!

The thing that caught hubby’s eye first (and the thing he tried to run off) with was The Tie Fighter Posable Desk Lamp; absolutely perfect for the ‘Massive Star Wars Fan who has just started up his Freelance business’ in him.

It is made of plastic with the exception  of the base that is metal. The stand is posable to suit your needs and can be extended to approximately 60cm tall. The base has a felt bottom to stop any scratches to your desk too.

It looks fantastic and will be a permanent fixture on hubby’s desk (although I am thinking of taking it back and wrapping it up for his birthday and then he is sorted!).

Next up is the Nintendo Game Boy Watch – In this house you are either someone who can remember playing on a Game Boy (Tetris was my fave) or someone who has seen one at Nanny’s house and think it is so Retro it is cool (The Game Boy actually entered the world before my children did!). My son will sit for hours – if we let him – playing on Tetris!

The watch has a grey strap, the Game Boy design and a digital display. Most of all; this watch is awesome, it looks exactly like a miniature Game Boy; it is not too big and not too small. It is strong enough to actually be worn and used. Son thinks it is brilliant and has claimed this to be his…because he is the ‘biggest gamer’ in the house!

To top off this amazing package we received the Playstation Controller Mug, Based on the console (which we have and love), this mug is grey and has a handle that replicates a controller.

On the main body of the mug there is the Playstation Logo and the four button symbols – It is the perfect size for your cuppa or a drink or juice if preferred!  It really is a great gift for any fan of any age and I know it will get a lot of use in our house. The only problem we will have is locating it and everyone will be using it and trying to keep it for themselves!


If you want to see more about these products or products like them, visit their website


Red Riding Hood Returns to Lakeside Nottingham this Christmas

This weekend we are starting our Christmas treats off we a trip to Nottingham Lakeside Arts to see their Fantastical Fairytale – Red Riding Hood and we are really looking forward to it.

We have been gifted a family ticket to the Press performance tomorrow. The show is running from Monday 10 to Sunday 30 December.

“Once upon a time there was a young girl who went to spend the night at Grandma’s house… and her little brother came too. She just wanted to go to sleep but he was excited and wouldn’t settle down. To help lull him to sleep, the young girl promised to tell her brother a story. But when you start acting out your favourite fairy tale, who knows what’s in store?!”

From the Olivier Award-winning children’s writer Mike Kenny this adaptation of the classic children’s tale returns to Lakeside Arts this Christmas. It promises to be a lot of fun with enchanting music and songs from Julian Butler (Charlie and Lola)!

It sounds like a perfect family afternoon out  as the show is aimed at children aged 5 years old and above and families.

Lakeside first co-presented Red Riding Hood and after being on tour nationally for 7 years, this enchanting show is back with its wonderful mix of imaginative storytelling and catchy songs. Mike Kenny is one of Britain’s leading writers, specialising in young people’s theatre. He is the recipient of the Olivier

Award for his The Railway Children, Time Out Critics Choice – Best Children’s Play for Diary of an Action Man and Arts Council England’s Children’s Award for Playwriting for Children.

In 2013 the University of Nottingham honoured him with the title Doctor of Letters for his work. Matt Aston’s directorial credits include Touched (featuring Vicky McClure) by Stephen Lowe for Nottingham Playhouse; Snow White by Mike Kenny in association with Lip Service Theatre Company and Seance on A Sunday Afternoon (Premiere) by Stephen Lowe for Nottingham Lakeside Arts.

The cast consists of two fantastic actors, Annie Kirkman and Adam Ryan, who will play the parts of the brother and sister. The creative team includes designer Laura McEwen, lighting designer Richard Statham, musical director / composer Julian Butler (Charlie and Lola, choreography by Claire Cunningham and graphic designer Ruth Disney.

We are really looking forward to having a watch tomorrow and will tell you all about it once we have been!

Tickets can be booked online at or via the Lakeside Box Office on 0115 846 7777.

Guinness World Record Challenges (Review)

I am sure that most people at some point in their lives have wanted to break a Guinness World Record, my kids are no different and when they saw this game advertised they were very interested in playing. We have been sent this to try out (which has made the kids very happy) and let you know what we think!

In the box you get  the game board, 150 question cards about Guinness World Records titles (600 questions), 10 orange ’30 seconds’ challenge cards, 10 purple ‘best time’ challenge cards, , a notebook, an orange ping-pong ball, five coloured counters, the dice and the‘Guidelines for Challenges’ book.

There are some things you need to be able to play that are not included in the box; luckily they are easy to come across – for example timer, tea spoons, coins and socks.

The game is aimed at 8 years old and above which is great for our family and we couldn’t wait for our family game night to play this and have a go at the challenges.

The object of the game is to cross the finish line with 3 challenge cards in your possession before the other players; you must have at least one challenge card of each colour (orange and blue – the third can be any colour). Who wouldn’t love a game where you get to show off your impressive record-breaking skills!

Setting up is easy; each player picks a coloured token and they are placed on the start position, shuffle the cards and place down on the board where indicated (the number of cards depends on the number of players).

Whilst playing you roll the dice and move the correct amount of places if it shows a number unless you get the special symbols that mean you go direct to a challenge square! Warning: Completing challenges is lots of fun and a cause of much hilarity! The other spaces are question squares that give you facts about World records and ask you something based on it. If you complete your challenge or answer your question correctly then you get another go!

The challenges vary from sticking spoon to your face, bouncing balls into glasses and spinning coins; I found that I can not build a house of cards but daughter is fab at hopping!!

This game was filled with fun, challenging yourself and achieving new things is an added bonus! The kids said it was one of the better games we have played and it made them feel like they were playing a grown up game! We laughed loads playing it (especially when Daddy had to do lots of Star Jumps), we winced at some of the facts – stretchy skin and the words nipple hair and even got a little competitive!

We have had a brilliant time playing this game and if we didn’t already have it, it would definitely be on the Christmas lists!

Find more information on the Website and follow them on Social Media – Insta: @wire_pr and Twitter: @wirepr

Perudo – Game Review and Competition

We love a game night in this house – whether it be Family night with the kids or a night with cheese, wine and friends! We were very happy to be sent Perudo to have a play with as it is actully good for both scenarios as it is suitable for ages 8 years and up. (2-6 players can play).

Perudo has some famous friends including Stephen Fry who says it is ‘The second most addictive thing ever to come out of America….’ and Richard Branson who says that ‘Whether on a balloon or a plan, even a train, Perudo is the game…’ – with endorsements like that we were expecting good things

The game comes in a great tin;  inside you get 6 different coloured cups, 1 lid, 30 dice, 1 cloth pouch and the rule book. It fits in the tin perfectly which makes it great for storage (which is really important for a mum like me). The tin also comes in handy if you want to take the game around with you to gatherings…say during the up and coming season of Christmas.

This is a game of skill (well partly) and bluffing! Each person starts with a coloured cup and five (matching coloured) dice and a cup, which is used for shaking the dice and concealing your dice from your opponent. You take it in turns to predict how many dice of certain numbers (for example three, sixes) are hidden under the cups around the table. Each round the loser loses a dice, as players lose all their dice they are out and the winner is the only person with dice left at the end.

The rules seem a little daunting but after a couple of rounds you find it is simple to play. The more you play the quicker you can go, the fun builds as you work out which one of your friends can bluff the hardest! You can play with as little as 2 players, although we like to play it with more – it adds to the options of number combinations and the laughter.

This Friday (9th November) the 29th Perudo Championship will take place in London with over 140 players battling it out to see who will become this year’s ‘World Perudo Champion’. This sounds amazing – a whole competition dedicated to this game! If you are interested in attending to cover the event or even take part please email for more information.

To find out more about the game or about the championships head over to the Paul Lamond Twitter: @perudo_plg or Facebook: Perudo – Paul Lamond

If you fancy winning your own copy of this game just enter via the Gleam Widget below – I am off now to try and beat the husband at this game!

Perudo Game

Life Update

Well, I’ve been a little quiet over the past few months, I was going to take a bit of a break over the summer but life got so busy it meant that writing took a back seat for longer than planned. However, I am back and I have updates.

So what has been going on?

We had a fantastic holiday over the summer, spent some time in the Sun, did a lot of swimming and drank cocktails with friends. We also got to see my dad who lives out there, much fun was had.A team of us also ran a residential for 90 children who may not normally get a holiday, it is great to see the smiles on their faces activities. There was a lot of fun; sports played, chats had, smiles shared, games competed in and food eaten! It was great.Both kids have made massive progress in the chosen sports Monkey’s now the captain of his schools basketball team and also plays for the development squad of the local team (Nottingham Hoods). he is a determined player who loves the sport and he is improving his skill week on week!Mouse has been signed to the Notts County girls under nines team, she is loving every moment of playing football with other girls who also love the game. They play in a boys league, so have to play hard but they certainly don’t look out of place.As we do every October, we put on Nottingham Comic Con. It was a six year and we feel it went really well. Money was raised for charity, lots of people had fun and the feedback has been great. The best bit though, is that parents have been telling us about how the children have been inspired by meeting, creators.

To finish it off I have been suffering from a bad bout of Flu, now recovery slowly and ready to blog again!

Wobbly Worm Game Review

We are definitely a game loving family, board games, card games, outdoor games – we just love to play! We were very excited to received Wobbly Worm from Spinmaster for review, another game that we can hopefully have lots of fun together playing!

Can you hoop the loopy worm? Wobbles the Worm has fallen out of the apple tree and he’s all dizzy! As Wobbles bobs and spins around, players try to get their three hoops over his head. Get rid of all your hoops first to win! Wobbly Worm is get-up-and-move-around fun for preschoolers!

Within the box you get The apple shaped base, Wobbly Worm (made up of four body parts, three connectors and a head) and 9 rings!

The set up is really easy, you connect the body parts with the connectors and stand on base, clip on the head and then insert 2 batteries (it runs off 2 x C batteries) – you are then ready to go!

To play all you do is press the start button and then try and get your hoops over the worm, the first player to get all three of their coloured rings over wins! Simple! Well…..simple to play with the added fun of the Wobbly Worm twisting and turning.  The bottom of the apple rocks and causes the worm to turn and the worm himself moves backwards and forwards so he wobbles to make it more difficult.

Although it is designed for pre-schoolers my two (aged 8 and 10) have loved playing with it and it is something that we can all play together, adding in extra challenges to make it more difficult – being further away, wearing a blindfold etc! When I suggested it might be two young for them they disagreed and said in no uncertain terms that they love it!

It is also fab for them to play with our friend’s children who are younger, lots of fun to be had with simple rules!

The worm can be made to three heights (with it’s biggest height being 3 ft) so can be made to sort your child.

The rings come in three different colours, so each player can have their own and they come in three different sizes, the bigger one being the easiest to get over. They are made from plastic and are strong without being too thick or heavy.

We are loving Wobbly Worm and would recommend it for all the family to play inside out out! We take it in the garden to have a bit more space and create run around challenges.

You can see more about the game here on the Spinmaster website

The Vibe Collection from SWATCH

Following on from the previous post about the Neon Workshop I attended with Swatch I would now like to show you and tell you about the new Vibe collections and my new Watch.Screen Shot 2018-05-23 at 13.45.24The word Swatch in itself brings up memories for me as I had a SWATCH Pop Watch when I was a teenager and I loved it. I love to see how the brand has developed and that they now have such a vast range of watches – there really is something for everyone.

The recently Released Swatch Vibe Collection is no different, there are different styles, different styles and different colours.Photo 25-04-2018, 18 14 35I love this new range, the colours are so striking; even the black watches have a splash of colour on the dials, I think there is a watch for every occasion. There are ones with fun designs too; including one with fish on and one that is definitely bee inspired.

I was given a Swatch for myself  at the end of the event and I was very pleased with the one I got – It is bright Pink and with it’s fab silicone strap and a stylish aluminium dial it is perfect for the summer! Photo 19-05-2018, 14 52 04 (1)I love my new watch, the pink is lovely and bright, the purple, yellow and silver make the colour ‘POP’ even more. It is a watch that is light enough to wear throughout the day – I have a thing about feeling constricted around the wrist and this watch hasn’t caused me any problems.

It has a slightly louder tick than my other Swatch (from the Skin Range), but it is ok (I just don’t wear it to bed). Being a mum I have to ensure things like this are robust enough to last. I am pleased to say that this is all good on that front. I have worn it on the school run, shopping, playing basketball in the park and more and it is still very much in tack!

So in the Watch department – I am set, the only thing I have to think about it – is which one is the husband going to buy me next!


Neon Workshop with SWATCH

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to an event and I don’t mind telling you that I was excited. I was excited as not only was it being held by SWATCH (a brand I love) but also because they were putting on a Neon Workshop!

I went along to One Thoresby Street (Artist Studios) in Nottingham and joined some other bloggers to learn about the history of Neon, take part in making a neon light and see the new Vibe Collection from Swatch.Photo 25-04-2018, 18 26 11The session started with a great introduction by Neon Workshops, it was really interesting listening to the history and learning things about the life of Neon, the environmental benefits, how to get the different colours and most importantly how to make our own Light!

I have always liked the thought of glass blowing/moulding so was excited to learn that we would be making our own Neon Light and to do that we would have to cut and bend some glass.

That long tube of glass in the first photo is where we started, we scored it and snapped it to make a length of glass that was workable. Then it was our job to heat it up and bend it. I enjoyed this so much, the feel of something solid becoming malleable, turning straight glass into something bended and interesting. I really enjoyed the workshop. Keep an eye on my Instagram to see my light in action!

Screen Shot 2018-05-23 at 13.45.24The workshop was brilliant and they are accessible by anyone, check them out if you fancy having a go!

I felt very lucky to be included in this workshop and at the end as a massive bonus we were given our own Swatch from the Vibe Range to keep. The next post will give you a better look at the range and a review of my new Watch!

Photo 25-04-2018, 18 14 35

Whacky Shots battle pack Review

If your children are anything like mine; they love things that they can both collect and play with. Whacky Shots is a new action toy that includes cards that you can use to play or you can also trade. Photo 10-05-2018, 12 57 12 (1)


We received the Whacky Shots Power Pack that includes eight Whacky Shots (two from each of the four teams), eight cards with bases, one target net, six crash cones, collector booklet and two Power Launchers.

The Monkey and Mouse were keen to get the pack open and start playing. There is minimum set up; you have to attached the net to and two legs to the ring and Pop the eight cards in their bases to stand them up, that’s it – you are ready to go!

Photo 10-05-2018, 20 15 21

There are four teams; Earth Heroes, Mutant Beasts, Invading Aliens and Rogue Robots. All you have to do is pick your warriors, stretch and launch – launch into battle!! You can launch your warrior of your finger but in this power pack you can use the Power Launcher for extra distance and accuracy.

To play against an opponent, each of you pick your team (you are to have at least one from each element in your team), select your cards and stand them facing away from the opponent. The cards show power, speed and skill statistics.

Photo 10-05-2018, 20 17 59

If you hit one of your oppositions cards, it is turned and shown to the other players; if your warrior beats the element of the card you win, the card remains down and you get another shot. if it doesn’t beat the element the card owner wins and the card stays in play and is returned to its original position.

You keep going until only one player has a card left standing and they are the winner.

If you remember which cards you have hit and have remained standing, you can target your warrior with the correct element to defeat in a future shot!Photo 10-05-2018, 20 16 28

Fire beats nature – nature beats electricity – electricity beats water – water beats fire. Team Atomic beats them all!

This is a lot of fun and because it is easy to set up and get the play started I can see it being used a lot.  To hone your skills you can use the net and crash cones to practice. You can make your own games up and can even play solo if you want to!

The Monkey initially found that they could fire from their finger much better than from the Launcher. The Launcher took a little bit of getting used to, but now they are avid launcher users, as they can use them well.

The Whacky Shots comes from Brainstorm Ltd and is great and there are 60 Whacky Shots in Series 1, so it is a real collectible. I am sure any interested child will want to collect them all! The challenge is to find the rare glow-in-the-dark Whacky Shots for extra atomic power!

Follow Brainstorm Limited on Facebook, twitter or Instagram