2013 The Round Up

Being the beginning of a new year means that another year has ended, so it is time for my round up of 2013. Here it is; 12 photos, 12 months, many more memories. 2013 has seen so much.

There have been many good times for Daddy, Monkey, Mouse and I; baking, amazing days out, duvet days, cuddles and more. Both of the kids have grown so much, physically, mentally and emotionally. I no longer have toddlers, I have two amazing little people!

We have been blessed through blogging, the chance to write down the ramblings from my head, an opportunity to review up and coming products and an amazing holiday with Butlin’s!  We have had day trips that we would have never had otherwise and I have met an amazing group of ladies who have seen me through the rough and smooth by just being generally lovely.

In the offline world Friends have had babies, I got a job promotion, we have made some new friends who I know will be friends for life and the husband and I put on a Nerd Fest – a Comic Convention to raise money for charity and it was a success!!

There have of course been the ‘not so good times’ too, illness, not being able to see people as often as we would like, money not always being available. The year  ended on the very sad loss of a friend, a beautiful lady who will be missed by many.

12 photos doesn’t cover the year really, but here they are….12months

So, what for 2014? Who knows!

Mainly we want to be healthy, we want to spend time with friends and family, we want to tell our children everyday how amazing they are and we want to be happy.


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  1. What a year you have had, so sorry it ended on such a sad note. I hope 2014 continues to bring lots more good things to you and your family.

    1. Thank you, I hope so. Happy 2014 to you!

  2. Happy New Year. Sorry for your loss x

    1. Thank you, Happy New Year to you too x

  3. Sorry to hear of your loss. I think those are excellent hopes for 2014 though. Hope you have a brilliant year.

  4. A busy year! Looking forward to finally meeting you at BritMums!!

  5. Well done! You had a fab year with your job and charity. Sorry for your lost.

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