42 Days of Summer #Sweeet

It is just over three weeks into the school summer holidays and the Monkey and the Mouse have been on many adventures. This is the first time that both Daddy and I have been working so we have had to balance time off, child care, fun for the kids and quality time.

Luckily for us both of the children love adventure and have treated every day as a new one, to them a film and pyjama day is as much of an adventure as a sleepover at their cousins.


This week is ‘Daddy Week’, Daddy has a week off work and is filling the week with trips to the park, swimming, a ride out to the grandparents, a visit to a steam train station and lots of outside things.

When I have had the odd day off here and there we have done lots of home things, craft, baking, playing in the garden, role play and pyjama days!


The summer holidays are tough, it is hard if you have to work and want to be at home spending time with the children, it is hard if you are home full time and are having to think of different things to do everyday or the pennies to do them.

We have had to mix childcare between us, grandparents and friends. We are lucky to have so many people willing to help. The Monkey and the Mouse have enjoyed sleepovers and Nanny’s, Auntie’s and Granny and Grampsy’s.

We have tried to find a variety of activities and have a few more fun things planned for the next few weeks to take us to the end of the holidays.


So, what are our tips for getting through the rest of the holidays?

1. Find free things to do – the holidays can get expensive if you are paying for days out, childcare and numerous amounts of ice creams. Free activities are great; local parks, some cities have set up beaches in the town centres and libraries are great.

Daddy found a steam train station to go to today; you are able to pay to go on the train or you can just have a look around for nothing.train

2. Continue with their learning – don’t forget that brains need exercise too. Sharing a book, writing a letter to family, painting all can keep their reading and writing skills going. Share new experiences and learn new things. Mouse has learnt to ride her bike alone on two wheels and Monkey has learnt how to hula hoop this holiday.

3. Allow the children to have a say (but not too much) – I am not talking about letting them demand or pick everything you do, but this week the kids has requested swimming and Daddy will fit it in.  When we bake I give them a choice of what we will make.  If they have picked it, they enjoy it more.

4. Keep everyone’s energy up – snack and have meals regularly. If your family is anything like ours you will get grumpy when energy is running low. We were lucky enough to have some BN biscuits is chocolate and raspberry to take along with us on some of our adventures and boy are they good!  They are so yummy and I (ahem I mean the kids) could eat them all day!snacktime

5. Allow time to rest – the holidays can be full on and can zap energy. We love having pyjama days, and film nights. We love snuggling up and just chilling out! I can recommend for all. BN

This post is an entry for 42 Days of Summer Linky Challenge sponsored by McVitie’s BN.


    • LauraCYMFT on August 20, 2014 at 20:33
    • Reply

    Those are some great tips. Ours are back at school but we did a lot of the things you’ve suggested, especially with keeping their brains active. So important over the long break.

    • Kate Holmes on August 21, 2014 at 18:43
    • Reply

    Great tips and I love the one about continuing the children’s learning. Lovely photos too. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part.

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