8 Sleeps to go….

That is all there is until we arrive at Butlin’s in Minehead for our Ambassadors trip and we can’t wait! As you know we were lucky enough to be Ambassadors last year too and we had a great break at the Bognor Regis Resort.

We had a great time, we stayed in a hotel and tried to check out everything on offer.

This year we are heading to Minehead! We have never been to the resort or the town before.  This time we have opted to stay in a Bungalow.   I will be really interested to see what it different between the resorts and whether staying in a Bungalow will make the experience any different.

Monkey and Mouse are super excited, they know we are heading to a different resort and were temporarily worried that they wouldn’t get to go swimming, once I assured them that Minehead has a ‘Splash Waterworld’ too they were happy!  I just hope Billy Bear is there!


Personally it is the food that is tempting me; I have heard there is an ice cream parlour, The deck was a favourite for us at Bognor and I am wondering if it is comparable in Minehead!

Granny and Grampsy are coming with us this time and they haven’t experienced Butlin’s so it will be interesting to see their take on it.  There may have been a suggestion of them babysitting one night so the hubby and I may get to try out some of the later entertainment!

I of course will be letting you know how it goes!

Are you a Butlin’s regular or is there something stopping you going?  Is there anything you would like to know from our visit?


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  1. Having a holiday to look forward to is always exciting, I hope you have a great time and lots of yummy ice cream!

    1. Thank you, we are planning lots of fun and definitely lots of ice cream!

  2. Have a brilliant time!! I have never fancied it wanted to go to Butlins but all these posts from the bloggers make it look and sound so nice!

    1. Thank youu, we are looking forward to a break!
      What is it that has put you off?

  3. Have a great time. Hope the weather is good for you too!

    1. Thank you, I hope so too!

  4. Hope you have a great time! The ice cream is amazing, I’d definitely have at least one 😉

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