Oct 16

A Extra Special Proud Mummy Day!

I am always proud of my children and I try and tell them often, almost everyday. I am proud of them for many reasons, a sticker at nursery for good work, trying a new thing, being kind and helping or just for being them!

But today I am feeling extra specially proud! (*alarm* Warning a mushy braggy mummy moment coming)


Today hubby went to collect the mouse from playgroup, she has been going a while, two mornings a week and always enjoys going. Her key worker approached hubby and said ‘do you spend a lot of time doing things with her?’ Hubby explained that we try to, playing and reading etc.. ‘you can tell’ came the response! Apparently our little mouse is a little star, learning fast, a pleasure to have at playgroup and no bother at all! (Big Smiles).

A bread roll made by Legs at school!

So this evening we headed back to school, for Legs’ first parents evening since he started real ‘all day long and everything’ school! (Them big smiles are creeping back in). We are very pleased to hear that he is doing very well, learning fast, achieving lots and enjoying his time there! He is doing really well at imaginative play and retelling stories, he is loving learning words and reading, is sociable and is progressing so well!

I am so so extra specially proud of them today! My bright little stars!

Legs and Mouse, you are brilliant! A credit and a blessing to me a daddy and we love you very much!

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  1. babysigningmummy

    Well Done Legs & Mouse what fabulous achievements!! Bet Mummy & Daddy are still beaming.

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