A Letter – School Report Time!

Dear Monkey

It is that time, the end of the school year, my little boy is coming to the end of his Reception year (eek, only two weeks to go), so last Friday another milestone was hit, you got your first ever ‘proper’ school report!

It came home in an A4 envelope, I was a little nervous with it being the first one, but excited too, what would it say?

If we are honest, we were not prepared for the overwhelming feeling at what we found inside that envelope.  We know you are awesome and had no doubt that the report would be glowing, but my word was it glowing!

You are exceeding in all areas and we are so proud of you. But what makes us even more proud is the kind, well mannered, polite, hard working, funny, clever boy that was described! Our hearts swelled with pride.

The smile on your face when we told you how you are doing will remain with me forever!  You were so happy that your writing is of a good size (not sure why but you thought your letters were too big); you were just so happy overall!

You looked at me concerned when I had a tear, worried I was upset – but I was/am far from upset. I am so, so happy that your goodness shines through, that you are developing into a smart young man and that you try hard to be a good person, even at only 5 years old!

You choose to celebrate your first report day with a cheeseburger, mummy and daddy tried to convince you that a chinese takeaway was a good plan, but you knew what you wanted and thats what we did!

It doesn’t really matter what was in the report, we are proud of you everyday and will always be proud of who you are, of course it is nice to read that others can see the amazing little boy we know!

Well done Mister, both Daddy and I love you very much! xx


  1. Proud Nana too. xxxxxxxxx

  2. thats so lovely, well done to him!

  3. yay for the cheeseburger and a great report. well done to Monkey

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