Aug 31

A Money Tree

I have often heard the saying that ‘money doesn’t grow on trees’ and I am sure you have too. This week we went camping, we had an amazing time spending time together, having fun exploring, being in the great outdoors and having many adventures!

One of our adventures took us to Dovedale in The Peak District, it was awesome! Paddling in the stream, going over the stepping stones, Monkey doing ‘man climbing’ up the sides of hills and the most beautiful of views. But whilst exploring we found something that was rather surprising, a treasure we wouldn’t have expected and one that seems o show that money in fact does grow on trees….



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  1. onedad3girls

    That is amazing. Quick plant it in the garden. What a great find/.

    Thank you for linking up

  2. Me and the tiny 3

    That’s fantastic, I could do with one of those in my garden. Hopping over from #social pix

  3. sarahmumof3

    Dovedale is lovely not been for a whiel even tho we live so very close, I must go find this money tree and take a cutting to see if it’ll grow in my garden!!

  4. Mummy of Two

    Wow that’s great where can I buy one?! Glad you had a lovely time

  5. Charly Dove

    What a great find, I wish I had one of those!

  6. Candace

    Truly fabulous. If only we could all have one of those!

  7. Corinne

    I live close to Dovedale and have heard of the money tree but have never seen it!

  8. Jenny @ The Brick Castle

    Awww, I love Dovedale so much, I went regularly all through my life, it has many memories for me. I once saw a man fall down the scree and land 2 feet from me and my young children and walk away, though god only knows how, we all thought we were witnessing a tragedy that we couldn’t stop. I have photo’s of my partner carrying my daughter there on his shoulders, and memories of being carried there by my own Father. My little boys haven’t ever been and they really would love it šŸ™‚

  9. Tina Mansfield

    I surprised someone hadn’t pinched it!

  10. Debbie at Travel with intent

    What fun!

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