A Movie Gift Guide for Her…

As I published a gift guide all about movies for him yesterday, it is only fair that I do a ‘for her’ guide too! There are many reasons I need a ‘for her’ movie; girl’s night, chilling out on my own night and date night (if the hubby is feeling generous to let me pick the film).

Warner Bros.is on hand; there are some real heartwarming films in their range for the ladies in your life!for-her-6-dec-v1

Lets start with a good old Romantic Comedy – Me Before You. A young girl gets a new job and forms an unlikely bond with the paralysed man she is caring for. I love watching a Rom-Com, seeing the story build, playing with your emotions. This is a definite watch for the next girls night; PJs, Popcorn and romance, what more could you want!

The Intern is about working in the world of fashion, the twist is that a 70-year old widower has decided to come out of retirement and become the intern in the company. Although it sounds like a straight film, it promises to be filled with fun and laughs.

The one I will be saving to watch with the other half is The Heart of the Sea, based in the real-life maritime disaster that inspired Moby Dick.  This film follows the story of the surviving crew after a whale of huge size and power sinks the boat they are on. Full of action and adventure I am sure that I can convince hubby to pull up a chair and watch with me.

Now to the classic of Wizard of Oz – just in case you don’t know the plot; Dorothy gets swept away into a magical land when a tornado hits her town, along the way she meets some fun characters and has lots of fun whilst she tries to get back home. If you haven’t seen it, it is one to watch, if you have seen it, it is one to watch again! Perfect for if you have a film night with the kids too!

Last but by no means least we have How to Be Single – this promises to have you laughing your socks off, it stars Rebel Wilson who always has me giggling. Four young women navigate themselves around New York and the world of love. The best way to describe it is probably Chick flick with added fun. I can not wait to watch this one! for-her-6-dec-v1 2


You can buy all of these here.  Warner Bros. has the ultimate selection of films – not just for the female of the species, check them out I bet you will find something you would like!

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