A one day holiday

On Saturday we got up (early for a weekend), got dressed and headed for the coast. But today was not a trip to the actual beach but to Butlins Skegness!

Until I became a Butlins Ambassador and browsed the website in awe, I never knew you could visit for the day, but as soon as I saw you could I knew it would be perfect for a day trip to celebrate my little boys first three days at school!

So off we set, the sun was shining, the music on and it felt like we were heading off on holiday, even though we were only going of the day!

We arrived at Butlins at about 11.00 and headed straight for the Skyline Pavilion where Barney and Friends were putting on a show, we grabbed a drink and sat down to have a look at what was on offer whilst the kids watched – they loved it and when we suggested having a walk to see what was about they said no they wanted to finish watching the show!

Once Barney had done his bit we had a look around and had fun finding where everything was! The children were a little disappointed that we found a fairground but they were too small to go on the rides, but this was soon solved with a fish and chips lunch (the kids meals were fab by the way) and another stop off at the pavilion to watch Mike the Knight!

The kids were then over the moon to find Bob the builders world with rides they could go on. The rides were perfect for their size and the staff were very friendly, the kids did not want to leave the area and had to be bribed with the next adventure!

We then headed to Splash Waterworld for a spot of swimming, when I say a ‘spot’ I mean a near 2 hours, it was so much fun that we stayed in there longer than planned! Daddy headed for the flumes whilst Legs, Mouse and I had a little swim in the toddler pool, then we went around the rapids, in a cave, down a slide, in a wave pool, through the bubbles, visited a beach complete with crocodile and turtle, and nearly got shot with a cannon or two!

So, we finished off the day with a few more rides, eating ice cream, exploring and planning what we would do next time we came! The only downside was there was so much to see and do that a day wasn’t really long enough so we will definitely be going again!


Disclaimer: I have not been given anything to write this post, we paid for our own day trip and just wanted to share what fun we had!



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  1. Yay, looks like you had a fantastic day! Roll on your holiday now, eh?! Looking forward to meeting you at the get togethers, L.

    1. It really was a great day! Can’t wait for a full holiday! Looking forward to meeting you too!

  2. I loved reading this! It looks like such a fun day, and makes it so exciting thinking about the holiday! Also loving the fact Mike the Knight is there at the moment!

    1. It really was a fab day, can’t wait for a few more days to experience more! x

  3. Sounds like you had a really lovely day! I can’t wait for the swimming when we go to Bognor.
    We went to the Skegness Butlins on a 90’s Party Weekend a few years ago and really liked it there, the others went swimming but I was too busy nursing a hangover. x

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