A Review – Tetley Blend of Both

I can’t tell you how happy I was when I received an email telling me all about Tetley’s new product, Blend of Both and asking if the family might want to try! The Blend of Both is described as a full flavoured everyday tea that tastes just like your standard cuppa, but that also includes all of the natural health benefits of green tea – too good to be true? Well, as the kettle is pretty much always on in our house, we couldn’t wait to find out!

When the package arrived I was delighted to find three teas for me, ahem I mean us to try, I have enjoyed some of the Tetley Teas regularly, but never tried any of these three, so there was only one thing to do – get kettle on!

To really try a cuppa, hubby and I decided to pick a really relaxed time, so on Sunday afternoon during the final moments of the football season we clicked the button and waited for the kettle to boil – now I know you’re probably thinking this wasn’t a very relaxing time, but for me it was, hubby was focussed on football, Mouse and Legs were both napping, so I got to stretch out on the sofa, pick up the laptop and do some writing!

The kettle boiled and we made the drinks. The Vanilla Earl Grey smelt gorgeous the moment I open the box, I opted for that without milk or sugar!

Hubby being a big ‘I like my tea to be tea’ drinker thought he would try the blend of both first!  Making it was simple, the blend of both is exactly like your normal cuppa, add water and then add milk and sugar as desired – simples!

We both sat back and relaxed – ahhh

Well, what can I say our relaxed moment was purely enhanced by the tea, hubby said ‘it tastes like tea’ – always a bonus for a tea wanting to be like everyday tea despite it’s health benefits! My Vanilla Earl Grey was a really refreshing drink, it was really tasty (I have packed up some of the tea bags to take to work too!).  I sampled the Blend of Both too and it was good, to be honest it was just the tetley quality you expect!

I decided to give the ‘Blend of Both’ a further test – I took it to work. Where I work it is a known fact that the best way to start, get through and end the day is with a hot drink! So I asked them to test the tea.  The positive reactions came flooding out with one of my colleagues saying ‘I don’t know if it is because I know it is healthier, but it tastes better than normal tea!’ It seems that all have enjoyed the tea, and the added health benefits are a massive bonus!

All I can say is Tetley make Teabags and they do it pretty darn well!!






I was supplied with a box of each tea for the purpose of this review, although this gives me the opportunity to tell you about it, all opinions are my own and fully honest!


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    • alex on November 29, 2012 at 13:16
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    I’ve just got these and I really like them! I don’t like normal green tea, so its really good!
    Please have a look at my blog! alexandraelissabeth.blogspot.co.uk 🙂

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