Aug 27

A set of Arty Skittles!

Daddy and I had a real hope for Legs and Mouse this summer holidays, that they would have lots to do and wouldn’t get really bored after a week!  They have had a summer of Parks, Library, Swimming, Crafts, TV/films, making Dens, staying at Grandparents, a visit to Wollaton Hall (Batmans House!), garden play and more…

Today, we decided for a little wet weather fun of making our own Skittles Game, this is how we did it….

Disclaimer: We received no form of incentive to name the Galt Paintastic Pens – we just love them and use them in a lot of our crafts!


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  1. denfos258

    Hope you all had fun.

  2. LauraCYMFT

    A great idea! My 2 are always keeping the loo roll holders for telescopes! We’ll have to try these! Thanks for linking up to Summer Play!

  3. Fiona Martin

    Fabulous idea, mine love skittles, and love utilising toilet roll so this is definitely one to try!

  4. Mummy of Two

    What a simple but great idea!

  5. Angela Spicer

    such a simple idea, yet so effective

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