A Year in Photos

The 2nd weekly instalment in the year of photos is here – Project 365. So, here is the week we have had this week! Project 365 Week 2A5/365

I used to be a massive reader, but unfortunately I have let technology eat at my spare time a bit too much. This year I am determined to start reading again, starting with a compromise of using my kindle app. I am loving reading again.


Spent the day feeling generally yucky, so hubby let me snuggle up on the sofa with a duvet whilst he entertained the kids. LAter he treated me to some lucozade.


Christmas and New Year (along with some illnesses) have meant that the blog has been quiet, but determined to get the blogging mojo back (I might have to stop eating Christmas chocolates for ten minutes!).


Spent the day with a banging migraine, so lots of sleep and tablets! Not a good day for illness huh?!


Today’s biggest word was oops! I ‘may’ have put a small dint in the car!


Had a great family day today, lots of chilling with films; we finished the day off by building a gingerbread house from a kit we were gifting and then eating it! It was fab!


Another lovely day – in fact the photo doesn’t do it justice! I had a fantastic photo of the lovely meal I had (Goats cheese and ratatouille tartlet) whilst spending time with some fantastic friends. But my phone had a hissy fit and deleted some photos. A lovely day though chilling and chatting with some brilliant friends!

Project 365 Week 2B

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  1. Glad the end of the week was better than the start (well apart from the car, whoops!). I hope you find that blogging mojo again soon!

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