A Year in Photos

Here is the third instalment in my year in photos; a week filled with fun, work, emotions and more, so here is what we have been up to!


I had an appointment at the hospital today and after one bus not showing and one being late, I got there just in time. I was seen quickly and the staff were lovely. I will tell you all about it at another time. The good thing even though I got soaked in the rain on the way back, I came away with good news and nothing to worry about!


Couldn’t post anymore than a sad face today, we were informed that Mouse had moved down the waiting list for the school. We are getting a little desperate now as she turns 5 in March.


A baking day, I made my first ever Yule log and although it may not look like a professional cake – it tasted good!


Have a lovely evening snuggled up with Monkey, Mouse and Hubby watching a film after-school, they chose the Spongebob Movie. Just what we needed cuddles under the duvet!


A Long hard day today; Mouse was sent home from pre-school poorly, she was really upset and got herself in a state, but it did mean we got to spend some quality mum and daughter time.  Her favourite thing to do at the minute is sing the songs from Frozen. This was her practicing her moves in the mirror.


A crafty day today; the kids painted, stuck and drew and I had a go on my sewing machine. I can’t wait to start a project on it. Daddy played us background music on the guitar. Lovely family day.


A trip into the local city centre for a bit of shopping and a stroll around. The City has some beautiful buildings and with the sun shining it was a great day with great views.

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  1. What an up and down week for you. I am so pleased everything was good at the hospital and I really hope you get something sorted for Mouse soon it is rubbish to be kept in limbo like this

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