A Year in Photos

This week has felt like a long one, but then looking back not sure how much I have done. Lets have a check over the photos and see what we have been up to!

19/365 – After a long day at work the in-laws came over and we ate fajitas and had a glass of wine. They come over a lot to help us with child care and it is a big help!

20/365 – Even though Mouse isn’t in school (an update on that coming soon) she is doing brilliantly with her reading, really enjoy listening to her as she works out bigger words. She will read everything!

21/365 – A long, cold day at work today. You can’t see it on the photo but I got caught in the snow!

22/365 – Every Thursday and Friday I get half hour quality time with Mouse in between picking her up and fetching Monkey. We don’t do much but we do have a laugh!

23/365 – Today we made a plan for the next few months and made some tough decisions, the first one being that we are going to move and quickly

24/365 – Looked at some houses today and may have found one we like, thinking caps on

25/365 – Shattered after this week so we decided to have a quiet afternoon, with pjs on, under the duvet and we had family film time. One of my favourite things to do with the children.



  1. It is nice to have some special Mummy daughter time together isn’t it. Good luck with the new house, keeping everything crossed for you x

    1. Thank you, we are thinking we are nearing a positive outcome but not trying to get too excited just yet!

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