A Year in Photos

I am a little behind with the round ups of the Year in Photos – there is a very good reason; we have decided to move house. It is happening quite quickly so time is full at the minute. In the midst of the packing I have a chance to do some posts – there will be two round ups this week to get us back up to date!


Started the week with a lovely girlie evening in with some awesome friends, there was a member of the team missing as she was stuck at work but we had a drinky for her too! A lovely way to start the working week!


A long day of work today, followed by a meeting with a prospective landlord. Absolutely shattered by the time I got home, so it was straight into the PJs!


Insert Sad Face! I got sent home from work as I was suffering from a migraine. Over the past few months they seem to be getting worse when I get them. they used to just be some pain, but now I feel sick and feel ill all over!


Brain Blowing Day today as I had to complete a tax return…..so many numbers!


Mouse I have some time together every Thursday and Friday in between Pre-school and collecting Monkey from school. Today we were earlier to school than normal, so Mouse played on the Trim Trail and we had lots of fresh air.


Another Sad Face Day. We had to use the old Vamouse for the first time! Luckily we caught it (no pun intended) really early so sorted really quickly.


A snuggly day with the kids, lots of pjs, hugs, movies and teddy bears. Perfectly relaxing!


Another lovely sight in our city today. I had to walk through the centre on my way to a meeting and it was nice to see the big wheel is back – it is massive by the way!


We handed in the signed contract today for the new abode; that is it we are really moving. Best start getting some boxes together!

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  1. Great news about the house, I think that is a perfect excuse for falling behind! I sympathise with your migraines, they are horrible aren’t they. Hope you have been feeling better this week.

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