A Year in Photos

I have a bit of catching up to do when it comes to my year of photos, the Flu really has a lot to answer to!

A couple of main things have gone off so I thought I would write a couple of posts grouping some of my photos from the daily photo project to tell you about them.

The first event is that we moved house! We had started moving during the last ‘A Year in photos’ post – the rest of the move went like this!


The week of half term started with a very long day at work trying to cram everything from the week in before having the rest of the week off to get things moving.


A day of building and packing boxes and there is still loads more to do!


The kids are helping to pack the boxes – Henry is ready with his coat and hat on.


After a busy few days, Monkey and Mouse keep their PJs on and have a snuggle in front of a film whilst I pack more!


We have moved in a few bits and we decided to have a pre-move in sleep over. monkey and Mouse were so excited!


The big move day came, a friend came round we a big van and everything was moved to the new house. That is it we are officially in!


Trying to have a bit of a relaxing day before we hit the old house for cleaning and taking stuff to the skip. So glad the sofa is here!


Towards the end of the week, the old house is looking pretty empty.  It is amazing the things you find when you are cleaning – a small picture a cheeky Monkey had drawn on the wall!


Day to start painting over any evidence of us living here, found it quite emotional to paint of the height chart on the wall!


That’s it, keys for the old house handed in. We are officially moved out!

So that’s it. We moved house and we are so pleased we did. The area we have moved to is lovely, it is a quiet street and there is a duck pond around the corner. A two-minute walk to shops and a ten minute drive to school. Definitely pleased we made the rash decision to move!


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  1. Moving house is such a stressful time isn’t it, not helped by the flu either! It sounds like you have definitely made the right move though and I hope you all settle soon x

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