A Year in Photos

The second in the catch up round ups. The whole reason I hadn’t posted these few in order in because of the dreaded flu – it was the worst illness I have had in a long time. So over the daily photos a few were related to the yuckiness!


The illness started with a major spike in temperature and I fainted, after I just felt grotty but thought maybe I should rest


Mouse got sent home from school feeling poorly, so the two of us shared a sick bed!


Happy to say Mouse started to feel better quickly, she made me some ‘food’ as she said I had to eat to get better


Still feeling rough and MOnkey not feeling well today either, so we all had a relaxing day doing not a lot but snuggling!


Feeling really bad again today, the worst I have felt in a long time!


The illness has taken a new level and is showing itself as a rash on my neck.


More medication trying to get better, failing!


Managed to get up for a little bit today – duvet and pjs on sofa


Feeling a bit better today so spent most of the day out of bed, still with duvet and pjs on sofa but am up and watching films with Monkey and Mouse!


Another relapse and a visit to the doctors means that today is sponsored by a sick note and a phone call to work, back to bed to rest


Feel today was a real positive sign – I drank some coffee (something I have been off since this whole thing started). A small step but a definite step towards getting better.


Look no duvet on the sofa. I managed to spend a whole day out of bed with no duvet, admittedly didn’t do a lot but again a positive step.

Still took a few days to feel better and a week longer to recover from the tiredness but I am better now. It was the worst flu I think I have ever experienced; sickness, aches, temperature, fainting and the worst migraine ever, so glad it is over!

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  1. It sounds like you really have been knocked out with this illness but I’m not surprised with the stress of moving and school places too! Take it easy and get yourself better soon xxx

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