Abba You Can Dance – Review

On Christmas Day Evening, it went without saying that once the kids were in bed the Wii came out and to get us all in the Wii playing mood we started with a little Dance action with Abba You Can Dance. So Granny, Grampsy, Daddy and Me all chose songs and battled it out to be the Dancing Queen!

Grampsy wasn’t that happy about playing, until he got into his first dance, then he was swinging his hips and putting in some real fight into the competition!

There are 26 Songs to dance along to including the favourites everyone knows ‘Dancing Queen’, ‘Mamma Mia’ and ‘Waterloo’. It is easy to play, anyone can join in the fun, you just select your song, hold the remote and do what the dancers on screen do (Or in our case, attempt to copy but do some kind of weird close but not right copying!)!

There are so many ways to play it, alone, with a friend (up to 4 players), through the ABBA story or you can even sing-a-long Karaoke style (you need a microphone for this, which we don’t have…….yet!)!

We had a lot of laughs playing this and we all got into it! It is one of the games you need in you staple collection as you can play with almost anyone! So, if you have a party coming up – say for New Year, or a birthday or a friday night, get this game hooked up and start the dancing fun!!

Ubisoft supplied me with a copy of the game for the purpose of this review, but this has no bearing on the review and all opinions are honest!

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