Adults should say ‘Sorry’!

IMG_0896Something has happened this week that I can’t talk about but it is something that has really upset me; on picking me up from work the other day Monkey asked me if I was ok, he knew that I wasn’t.  Monkey is a very sensitive little soul and if there is something up he picks up on it straight away.

He knew something was wrong and had spoken to Hubby earlier who had told him someone had been mean to me but I was ok. Monkey was checking up,making sure what Daddy said was true. I reassured him I was ok and we went about our evening.

The next day on picking me up Monkey said ‘how are you today mummy?’ I said I was ok and he followed up with ‘ has the mean person said sorry yet?!’.

I said no – he asked why not. I explained that sometimes grown ups don’t say sorry – ‘Well they should!’ came his response!

I love his innocence, I love how he sees it as simply as someone has upset you, they should say sorry. He is right isn’t he, adults should say sorry.

Unfortunately much like children adults are stubborn and don’t always want to back down from what they have said or done, they don’t want to be the one in the wrong or show that actually they shouldn’t have done it. I guess there is also the side that they may fully believe what they have done or said is right!

We as adults tell children that you should say sorry, say sorry for doing wrong, say sorry for accidents, say sorry for upsetting someone even if you think you are right!  But not all grown ups follow it do they?! I try to and if I get something wrong or do something I shouldn’t to/in front of Monkey and the Mouse, i always try to apologise.

But it is much harder when the issue is between adults isn’t it (even if it is someone close to you like your hubby).

We need to do it though, we need to role model for children, we need to encourage a world where no one is too important to be sorry!

How easy do you find it to say sorry?



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  1. I hope I don’t upset people to need to say sorry. I sometimes say it to my family as often it’s the closest you upset when you are grumpy. Hope all is ok x

  2. I do with the husband if I’m in the wrong, but it’s very rare that I have an issue with anyone else. But if I am in thw wrong I would like to think I do say so and apologise.

  3. I think it is very hard for adult to say sorry. I always love to blame other than myself. So it is really hard! I hope you wouldn’t have this problem again.

  4. Kids are so observant aren’t they! Adults should definitely say sorry, no matter how hard it is!

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