Airhogs Remote Control Thunderbird 2 – Review

3…..2……..1……..Thunderbirds are go!!

Thunderbirds are a classic, something that our parents, Daddy and I and now the kids have all experienced and enjoyed within our child hoods! Of course, they have changed in their look but ultimately it is the Thunderbirds and they are fantastic!

The Airhogs Remote Control Thunderbird 2 arrived in the house and I am not sure who was more excited the kids, Daddy or Grampsy!! 14958803_10157738605885445_1044123206_nIn the box you get the Thunderbird itself, a remote control and a cable.  Within the remote control there is another cable. First impressions are good – it looked like a thunderbird and definitely looked like something that the kids would want to get their hands on straight away!14958508_10157738655430445_576820969_n

When we first took it out of the box I was slightly concerned at how durable it would be as it felt really light and looks like it is made of polystyrene. I wondered how many crash landings it would take for it to break.

The remote control takes 4 AA batteries (not included) and you charged the thunderbird from the remote control (via a wire that is attached to it}. This takes a while but not too long; there is a light to indicate when it is finished charging and ready to play with! You can also charge vis the USB cable that is included which can be handy.  14937899_10157738714695445_1743106203_nNext up was to give it a fly………yep I said fly! Underneath it looks a little like what i imagine a hover craft to be like, you switch on both the remote and the ship and then you play. We found that starting on a flat surface (such as a table or Lino floor) is the best, it does work starting on carpet – but not as well. 14958725_10153834216586780_345048635_n

The actual flying has taken some getting used to but now both Monkey and Mouse can do it – practice really does make perfect (I still can’t do it as well as them though).

I needn’t have worried about the durability, the thunderbird has dropped out of the sky quite a few times and spent some time hitting the floor (especially when I am in control or maybe I should say not in control) and so far it has not broken at all, not one bit of damage.

The Thunderbird 2 is aimed at 8 years old and above but I have to say that Mouse (aged 6) has the flying down to a fine art and loves it as much as her 8 year old brother!

We love this toy and already have children in the family saying that it is on their Christmas list; the Monkey and the Mouse are both asking what other flying toys you can get. A firm favourite from Spinmaster! We would definitely recommend it to others.

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