Apr 24

Alo Drinks – Review and Giveaway

The sun is out, Monkey and Mouse are playing in the garden and the washing is on the line;  I am sure that all this means that  Spring is here and summer is well on the way! The thing that I love about warmer times is that I can go into the garden and sit and watch the children play.

Of course I often do it with my sunglasses and a refreshing drink. So this week as Monkey and Mouse kicked a football around the garden I was glad that I had been asked to try out a new drink recently launched in the UK.20150415_150108

“Said to be the next coconut water, with suggested health benefits ranging from soothing upset stomachs to helping your skin glow, one of the world’s biggest aloe vera juice brands hope their drinks will be known in the UK as much for their taste as their health benefits…”

There are seven different flavours of the Alo Drink; including Wheatgrass, ‘Watermelon and Peach’ and the lovely honey. All of the drinks are mixed with real Aloe pieces and are packed with vitamins and folic acid.

I put my drinks in the fridge to give them a bit of a chill and then I sat in the garden with one whilst the kids played around me, a few moments later they asked if they could try some.  They both liked it and went of to get their glass so they could have some more!

Monkey has since asked daily if he can have ‘one of them special Alo drinks’. He would literally pick it over any other drink!

There are flavours I like more than others, but they are all have a nice taste – my favourite is the pomegranate and cranberry, There are bits in the drink (Like orange juice with bits), these come from the Aloe plant itself and just remind you about the goodness in the drinks! 20150415_145710The drinks are tasty and healthy – so, what could be better?

Well, the fact that the children would pick them over lemonade is good, there are no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives and that they come in a bottle that is big enough to give you a fab drink and small enough to go in your bag!

As if the taste of the drink, the healthy bonuses and the fact it’s refreshing isn’t enough you also get Free Music with every bottle!

The lovely people at Alo want to spread the news of this fab drink so are offering you a chance to win some to try it yourself, so, If you fancy trying it out follow the gleam widget below.

Alo Drinks


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  1. Martina Pichova

    Pomegranate and cranberry sounds really nice.

  2. Suzanne Drummond


  3. laura banks

    the watermelon and peach sound lovely

  4. Helen Battle

    mango and pineapple

  5. pete c

    honey, for me

  6. kellyjo walters

    watermelon and peach sounds great

  7. Stacey Guilliatt

    I like the sound of the watermelon & peach one

  8. Julie Booth

    mango and pineapple

  9. Christine Caple

    The Watermelon and Peach sounds lovely.

  10. Mummy of Two

    I like the sound of the Pink Grapefruit and Lemon, I love citrus flavours

  11. Katie Kingsbury

    Watermelon and Peach sounds lush.

  12. Phil W

    They all look great, wheatgrass and honey seem the most interesting

  13. Pm liu

    Love Alo drinks, watermelon and peach sounds refreshingly lush


    Watermelon and Peach

  15. Karin Mortensen

    Mango and pineapple sounds gorgeous, lovely, summery and tropical 🙂

  16. Fiona K

    Watermelon and Peach

  17. Ashleigh Allan

    watermelon and peach sounds good

  18. Iris W

    Orange and passionfruit sounds lovely

  19. Jenifer

    Watermelon and peach sounds right up my street! 🙂

    Jen xx

  20. Emily Hallett

    I like the sound of the mango and pineapple one

  21. jodie crossley

    watermelon and peach!

  22. Cheryl Kean

    Pink Grapefruit and Lemon

  23. Zoe G

    Anything with berries are my fave

  24. gemma brown

    the watermelon and peach sounds lovely. Blueberries are my favourite flavour

  25. lindsay chadburn

    mango and pineapple yum

  26. Olivia M

    Pomegranate sounds niiice:)

  27. Karen Barrett

    The Pomegranate and cranberry

  28. Danika Lloyd

    Watermelon & peach

  29. Jo welsh

    Honey sounds delicious

  30. Victoria N

    Honey sounds lovely

  31. Joanne Jarvis

    They all sound lovely 🙂

  32. Sheri Darby

    Water melon and peach sound celicious

  33. Jenny R

    Pomegranate and cranberry sounds like it’d taste good to me, though I’d love to try them all. Especially if they have Monkey approval!

  34. Emma Wolski

    Pomegranate and cranberry

  35. Lesley Bradley

    I would like to try ALO Escape- Pineapple,Guava and Seabuckthorn Berry

  36. Eleanor Powell

    I love cherry flavoured drinks in general but think the melon and peach sounds really refreshing

  37. Gail Reid

    Watermelon and peach sounds groovy

    (The visit facebook options aren’t working for me up there btw in case that is happening to everyone and you think nobody clicked on it lol)


  38. trevor linvell

    I would like the Water melon and peach flavour

  39. Diana

    Orange and Passion fruit 🙂

  40. Andrea A

    Pomegranate and Cranberry

  41. Emily Knight

    The Watermelon and Peach Alo drink sounds amazing!

  42. Mary Campbell

    Watermelon and Peach sounds like an absolute peach, awesome 🙂

  43. Gilla01

    They all sound good, but the watermelon and peach would be my first stop.

  44. Ema J Lowe

    I like blackcurrant squash, the hi juices.

  45. Chantelle Kemp

    Watermelon & peach

  46. Sarah Buckley

    Watermelon & peach sounds lovely!

  47. Karen R

    I’d love to try the wheatgrass 🙂

  48. Sheila Reeves

    I love the sound of the Aloe_Vera+Pineapple+Guava+ Seabuckthorn Berry variety

  49. Katherine Coldicott

    Watermelon and Peach

  50. katrina walsh

    mango and pineapple sounds good

  51. Kristy Brown

    Watermelon and Peach 🙂

  52. Saran Benjamin

    Pink Grapefruit and Lemon for me please x

  53. Sarah Franks

    The honey one sounds really gorgeous!

  54. joanna sawka

    Aloe Vera + Wheatgrass

  55. kim neville

    watermelon and peach

  56. Emma

    I haven’t tried them before so I am not sure.

  57. melanie stirling

    I like apple flavour drinks and I like the sound of the cranberry & pomegranate one.

  58. Kerry Kilmister

    The Watermelon and Peach sounds delicious and refreshing

  59. Kathrine B

    the honey sounds delicious!

  60. Rosalind Blight

    watermelon and peach

  61. Karl Borowy


  62. Angie Hoggett

    Watermelon and Peach

  63. chirag P

    watermelon and peach

  64. Karis

    ALO Escape (Aloe_Vera+Pineapple+Guava+ Seabuckthorn Berry) sounds very interesting.

  65. Natalie Crossan

    mango and pineapple

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