Alphabet Photo – G

Another alphabet photo catch up, this post is G and we have gone for Goat!

There is a Farm in Nottingham which is somewhere that you wouldn’t expect, it is not out in the countryside it is in the city, you drive through a residential area and a bit of industry and then you stumble across a farm. We have been a coupe times and it is great. It is free to get in and you can walk around and have a look at the animals, you can but feed and share it amongst the animals and there is a cafe. The whole trip cost about a fiver and that included a cup of tea for the grown ups and food for both Monkey and Mouse to share about!IMG_8780

The goat was waiting for his food and was such a cheeky kid! Do you have any hidden treasures like this near you?

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  1. Such a cutie! How I wish I could cuddle him!

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