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I love this photo, it takes me back to a very special moment. This was a view from a very small Greek island that Hubby and I visited back in July 2006..

The day started with us boarding a boat to have a tour of some greek Islands, it was amazing, deep beautiful blue sea, striking views and lots of quality time with boyfriend (as he was then).

Unfortunately I am not the best sea traveller and did suffer from a little sea sickness, so when we got off the boat on this island (Paxos I think) I was feeling a little unwell.

Hubby did his best to make me feel better, he took me to a beautiful cafe and bought me my favourite snack – chips – to eat whilst we watched the butterflies on the plants.  Oh dear that just added to my grumpiness when they bought the chips out with oregano on, not that I don’t like oregano, I just didn’t want it that day and I already felt poorly.

Hubby suggested a little walk, for the air and view, I moaned about having to walk, hubby looked down, as though the whole day was ruined.

We went on the walk, there was a small incline and a beautiful view. Hubby asked if he could get something out of the bag on my back, he then tapped on my shoulder. As I turned I saw hubby down on one knee, holding a hula hoop crisp in his hand…. “Will you Marry Me?”.

I was shocked to say the least! We then walked down to the pebble beach and had a swim in the blue water. I soon forgot about my Sea Sickness!  You want to know the reason for the Hula Hoop? Well that;s a whole other post!


So what is E for? Engagement!  Linking up with Podcast and her Alphabet Photo


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  1. What a wonderful photo for E. Beautiful place and a beautiful day. I hope you remember it as a perfect day, despite the obvious distractions. Atleast he had a hula hoop on hand. #AlphabetPhoto

  2. It looks like a beautiful spot and what a great story. Will H be for Hula Hoop I wonder?!

  3. wow, how lovely. It looks gorgeous there! Love the Hula Hoop image. xx

  4. Gosh he went to some lengths to distract you from your sea sickness! 😉 Lovely story and a gorgeous pic. I am curious to know about the hula hoop…

  5. Aw, what a lovely surprise and a gorgeous place to be!

  6. Kel that is so lovely, the best kind of E x

  7. Oh wow Kel that is a brilliant E and what a location too. Just wonderful. Thank you for sharing with #alphabetphoto

  8. Oh no now I want to know why the hoola hoop =P #alphabetphoto

  9. such a lovely story, and a fantastic E !

  10. I can’t wait for H either now – you’ve totally got to tell us why the Hula Hoop! 🙂

  11. Oh what a beautiful story – your hubby sounds very romantic!

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