#Alphabetphoto F is for…..

IMG_9575This is this weeks photo to link up with the Podcast Alphabet Photo linky (yes, I know I am a little late, but I had to do this one before I could move onto the next one – can’t miss a letter out of the alphabet!).

So, you have probably guessed that F is for Flower! I love flowers, I love how many different types there are, how they come in all different colours and how they can be used for anything (celebrations, commiserations, thank yous and just because!)

This is a sunflower that Monkey bought home from school about a year ago whilst he was in reception class. Unfortunately the sunflower didn’t survive, it was growing too big and snapped!

But we will always have this photo!



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  1. Gorgeous!

  2. Beautiful photo! What a shame it broke, we normally have that problem!

  3. I love sunflowers, Monkey’s is miles ahead of ours in the garden race this year.

  4. Great photo Kel – I love sunflowers, such wonderful flowers. Always so great to photograph too! Thank you for sharing with #alphabetphoto

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