#Alphabetphoto G is for…….

I have decided to go for something this week that could probably have loads of different photos to represent it, but I have chosen one that I think is a good one to show what I mean!

G is for Giggles.

We love Giggles in our house, giggling over something daft that no-one but us understands, or giggling through daily life.

Sometimes life takes over and we forget how important giggles are, but we know deep down how much fun they are, how giggling helps bonding and simply that it is good to smile.

Recently when we were at Butlin’s I did something that got me some funny looks………..I went on the Helter Skelter on my own (yes, I went without child). Daddy and Monkey had gone up shortly followed by Grampsy and Mouse.  I said to Granny, I think I will have a go on my own, make the kids laugh,  ‘go on then’ she said!

As I collected my mat, the guy raised an eyebrow as he asked ‘just one mat?!’, at the top the worker looked for my child, ‘doing it to surprise the kids’ I said as an explanation.

She had no problem with it, was just surprised as it is not something they see often she explained!

Coming down the Helter Skelter I smiled as I knew what would greet me at the bottom.  I was right, giggles all round from the kids – ‘Mummy did it on her own’!

Such a simple thing, but we had such a giggle!

It is so important to laugh, to remember the simple things in life and to keep having fun!


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  1. What brilliant fun! It looked like it was great on the helter skelter and that’s a great photo! Should have gone on it myself when we were in Bognor. So glad you didn’t miss out and you’re right giggles are just the best. Thank you so much for sharing with #alphabetphoto

  2. You are so right and we definitely don’t have enough giggles in our house – I’m always having a go on stuff like big slides and helter skelters so I think my two would roll their eyes at me for this rather than giggle!

  3. What a great photo! Good on you for doing it on your own. Giggling and laughing is so important we try and do it as often as possible!!

  4. I loved Helter Skelters as a child and I don’t think I’ve been on one for about 15 years! That is an excellent photo 🙂

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