#Alphabetphoto H is for…

This is the story that some of you have been waiting for since I did my E is for Engagement post for the PodCast Alphabet Photo linky!

Hubby and I , well Boyfriend (as he was then) and I were holidaying in Greece, we had been enjoying the weather (a little too much looking at the mister’s red shoulders), the wine and cocktails (maybe a little too much) and the ice cream (erm…).

One night we headed into the town to watch a band, well from the adverts and what we were told we thought it was going to be a band, in fact it was approximately 25 people playing the accordion! Not really our idea of a good night. Boyfriend was really grumpy, I thought it was a bit of an overreaction to the disappointment of it not being a band, but it really affected him!

Next day, we were up really early to head out on a boat trip; we saw some beautiful sights, but unfortunately I am not the best sea traveller and I started to feel a bit ill, luckily it was time to stop at a small island.  We headed for a cafe and ordered some chips (just to settle my tummy), when they came out they were covered in oregano and it was my turn to be grumpy. Don’t get me wrong, I quite like oregano, I just didn’t want it then!

Boyfriend suggested a walk to see the view and have a little swim in the sea. As we walked me came to a hill, a Giant Hill Slight incline that I moaned about having to walk up. As we reached the top of the peak, boyfriend asked if he could get something out of the bag on my back. He got whatever it was and tapped me on the shoulder, as I turned I saw him down on one knee, Hula-Hoop (you knew I would get to what starts with H) in hand and he asked me to marry him!ScanThis isn’t the exact moment he proposed, I made him do it again so I could get a photo and remember it forever!

Why a Hula-Hoop? Well, in the early days of our relationship, three years before we had a conversation in the pub one night, I had said if I ever got married I wanted my boyfriend to propose to me with a hula-hoop so I could then choose my real ring with them. I could not believe he had remembered.

I found out that the reason he had been so grumpy about accordion overkill was because that is the night he had planned to pop the question! So I guess with a band that wasn’t, sea sickness, oregano chips and general grumpiness, it was nearly all off before it started.

To celebrate the engagement, we had hula hoops as our welcome canapés at the wedding, it was perfect.


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  1. What a fab story! and lovely that you have carried the hula-hoop tradition on.

  2. That is really sweet that he remembered you saying that.

  3. Such a brilliant story and I love that he remembered the hula hoop!

  4. That’s so lovely and great that he’d listened and remembered too.

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