Jul 14

#AlphabetPhoto I is for …

I is for independence! I have two fantastically beautiful children, I have wanted to protect them, wrap them in bubble wrap and not let them go. But, I have to remember that I have been blessed with my two beautiful children to raise them into decent adults.

They are still only little, so I am obviously not talking about letting them out into the wild and leaving them to be, but a decision both Daddy and I have made is that we will choose my battles.

We need to be able to give them little snippets of independence to enable them to become the awesome human beings I know they will be!

So when Monkey wanted to walk when he was 18 months instead of being in the pushchair, I let him (of course taking the pushchair anyway as back up), when both of them want to help with housework I give them little jobs I know they can do, when they don’t want to go to a birthday party even though all their friends are going, we let them not go  and when Mouse decides that no outfit will do unless it has wellies and a fireman’s helmet, I take the photos! IMAG1585


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  1. Charly Dove

    They just grow up too fast don’t they! It’s great giving them independence though and watching them learn and grow. Such a great photo this one too, just lovely! Thanks for sharing with #alphabetphoto

  2. chantelle hazelden

    aaa brilliant choice of word and picture, they become independent so quickly don’t they, everyone tells you if goes fast!!! loving the hat in this photo 🙂 #alphabetphoto

  3. Jenny @ The Brick Castle

    My daughter used to wear some amazing outfits when she was younger. Nothing was complete unless she had a feather boa and fairy wings! Thankfully at 14 she’s now grown out of it 😀

  4. Eileen Teo

    great choice of words! strange outfit but who cares! as long as they happy, mummy also happy!

  5. LauraCYMFT

    Choosing your battles is definitely something we do here too. Sometimes you’ve just got to let them be themselves.

  6. Mummy of Two

    It is hard giving them that bit of independence isn’t it but it has to be done. It sounds like you have the balance right and I love the photo!

  7. Pinkoddy

    Letting them be independent I think is truly one of the hardest things. You are doing such a fantastic job.

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