Jul 23

#Alphabetphoto K is for……….

In the days before children we used to enjoy the odd night out, a little tipple and a bit of a challenge. To mix the three together some friends invited us to a birthday party, it was fancy dress and you had to go as something that started with the initial of you first name. Which left both Hubby and I with ‘K’.

Now K is a bit of a challenge when thinking of fancy dress outfits and we had two to come up with! I remember us being sat in a pub one night chatting it over and eventually the whole staff team were coming up with ideas for us! Knight, King, Kevin from Harry Enfield – there wasn’t much to choose from.

We headed for a fancy dress shop and Hubby found a Ketchup outfit – brilliant as everyone mocked him for wanting Ketchup with everything!

So, it was just me left to decide; i ended up making my own outfit and yes the book was actually a book with pictures!

So K is for …………………….fancy dress; well, it is for Ketchup and Kamasutra.  Screen Shot 2014-07-23 at 21.25.43Linking up with Podcast’s Alphabet Photo


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  1. sustainablemum

    That costume was a good find, looks a bit hot tho’ hope the party was in winter!

    1. MoolBoots

      It really wasn’t, it was boiling. i remember trying to feed orange juice to re-hydrate him

  2. Mummy of Two

    What’s with you being on time this week?! :p Loving the outfits, very original!!

    1. MoolBoots

      I know, how good am I?! I might even try to be on time again next week!

  3. Merlinda Little (@pixiedusk)

    That Ketchup one is like priceless! Dont usually see ketchup and a book attend a party together so this is special =P #alphabetphoto

    1. MoolBoots

      It was an odd combo!

  4. Jenny @ The Brick Castle

    😀 Hahaha…..excellent choices! I bet you were laughing all night!

    1. MoolBoots

      Yep, it was a hilarious night, we went in a taxi with a Darth Vader and an Angel!

  5. adayindadslife

    Great ideas for fancy dress bet u got asked to show a few moves eh? Lol #alphabetproject

    1. MoolBoots

      It was an interesting night!

  6. Eileen Teo

    This is awesome! You guy look fab! Lol.

    1. MoolBoots

      Thank you!

  7. Charly Dove

    Look at you getting in on time this week. I say that when I’m SO behind no commenting! Great photo and a brilliant story too, must have been a great party! Thanks for sharing with #alphabetphoto

    1. MoolBoots

      It was a good party thanks, a fab time had by all!

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