Jul 30

#Alphabetphoto L is for…….


Who doesn’t love laughing?!  Well, maybe there are some people who don’t but I love a real good laugh.

I think sometimes we forget to laugh – either there is a belief a situation is too serious, we are under too much pressure or we just don’t have the time.

Some days I find that as I rush from work to life to housework to volunteering to work, I look back and think ‘have I laughed today?’, Sadly, sometimes the answer is no….it doesn’t necessarily mean that I have had a bad day (although of course that is true sometimes) I just haven’t stopped long enough for something to hit me enough to make me laugh!

On my wedding day, I didn’t stop smiling from the moment I got up (even before then as I didn’t sleep that much the night before!).

Smiling from the moment I woke, through eating my toast, having my hair done, travelling to the church, saying ‘i will’  – literally the whole day.

There was lots of laughter too, we have some jokers in the family who always set a giggle going, lots of people were in happy moods and the frowns were most certainly upside down!

This photo is of my mum and me, it is my all time favourite photo of the two of us! I honestly don’t know what we were laughing at but I think the photo captures a very special moment, I love that we look like we are having fun and for me it shows how I felt on my wedding day, being around my family and being absolutely over the moon happy!

L is for Laughing!

Photo 15-05-2011 17 56 37 Linking up with Podcast Alphabet Photo Linky!


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  1. Denise Foster

    Love it, love it, love it. Love you too.

  2. Kriss MacDonald

    I can see why you love this photo! What a wonderful capture.

  3. Eileen Teo

    This is a wonderful photo. I love it!

  4. Becky Cowley

    What a great capture!

  5. Debra

    What a great photo of you and your mum. An incredibly special moment to have captured!

  6. Charly Dove

    What an awesome photo, just brilliant. Nothing better than having a good laugh especially when its your wedding day. Thanks for sharing with #alphabetphoto

  7. Mummy of Two

    That is a great choice for L, laughter is so important. I love the photo – it is brilliant – so natural too!

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