#Alphabetphoto M is for…..

Linking up to Podcast’s Alphabet Photo, I thought I would go for M is for Mummy.  Why? Well, being a mummy is such a big part of my life.

The other day Mouse asked me if I had another name than ‘mummy’. When I told her yes and reminded her what it was, she said ‘oh yeah, but mummy is the best name isn’t it?!’. She is right isn’t she.

I love being called mummy, well if I wasn’t it would be because I don’t have any children, and I feel so blessed that I have my Monkey and my Mouse!

I have cheated a little on the photo front, it is actually a scan of a picture that Mouse drew, it is her picture of me, one of the first pictures of a person with details on – her mummy.

I love it – do you like my tongue, my green hair and my ears!?mummy


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  1. Ha ha! Brilliant drawing! I am with Mouse, Mummy is definitely the best name you can have!

  2. I think you look fab. A great word for ‘M’.

  3. I love this drawing of you! How cool!

  4. Aww, a lovely picture of you.

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