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This may not be an interesting photo at first glance to most but to me it is full of interest and it means so much.  It means an event, it means success, it means awesomeness and a whole lot of fun.

Early last year the hubby had a bright idea that he wanted to run a Comic Convention. Was he mad?!  Well, yes I thought so. But, having always wanted to run a charity event myself,  I got swept up in the excitement and we decided to go for it.

So in October we ran Nottingham’s first Comic Con ‘Nerd Fest’. It was awesome, people were queuing from 6am in the morning (amazing when the event didn’t open till 10).  We had 70 artists showing their awesome art, bands performing and panels, had loads of fun and made some pennies for charity!

In fact it was so good and we liked doing it so much we have decided to do it again this year!

So for Podcast’s Alphabet Photo Linky this week, Q is for Queue and I love this view of the queue and the Storm Troopers are an added bonus too!


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  1. That is a Q and a Queue full of meaning and brilliance. Even before reading your explanation I knew it had to be an interesting queue with storm troopers patrolling – and then to find out you and your husband actually organised it all!

  2. Brilliant! We are really looking forward to coming this year! I hope the Stormtroopers make a reappearance, my son would love it!

  3. What an amazing achievement to have an idea, run with it and then find out that so many people want to be a part of it – fab #alphabetphoto

  4. Congratulations. That’s amazing.

  5. Well done, you must be so proud. The queue does look interesting, love the storm troopers

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