Oct 25

#Alphabetphoto X is for….

X was always going to be the most difficult letter through the Alphabet linky that I join over at PODcast‘s blog.  There aren’t that many words that I know that start with X and the words I do know I don’t really have photos to represent them.

As I racked my brain I realised I did know one ‘Xanthic’, to mean yellow or yellowish.

When this came to mind I knew I would have a photo for it. The hubby and I recently ran a charity event, it was awesome, lots of fun and we raised money for good causes, so we were very happy. On the day we were supported by a wide range of fab friends and family who acted as our eyes, ears and moral support on the day as volunteers. So we could all see each other we wore matching t-shirts.a94ZCubwALhVgk50F7Gp30IYH8M_0Pq1B8pqXhMgtk8So X is for Xanth, not great photography but a photo with memories!

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  1. Mummy of Two

    Great choice and it was a fab day!

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