Oct 30

#AlphabetPhoto Y is for….

When Monkey was 5 months old, hubby decided that we needed a night a way and I needed a rest, I was quite poorly after the birth and had found it quite hard energy wise and not being 100% for a few months after.

My mum kindly offered to have Monkey overnight and I had been stocking up on milk in the freezer since birth so we were good to go. We actually booked 2 nights in the end, I was nervous to be leaving Monkey for two nights but knew that I needed to accept the couple of days rest.

We headed to York and we had a great time, we had 2 full nights sleep which were amazing, and we had chance to have a mooch around too. There are loads in York to see and do and we are hoping to go back soon and take the children – Monkey will love the railway museum!IMG_9236We had a fantastic time and going through the photos, I found loads more I will share with you over time, so much to see and do and so many memories. So this week Y is for York. A place of happiness!

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  1. Mummy of Two

    York is brilliant as a couple and with kids – we have done it a few times both ways. It sounds like just the break you needed. If you can get to the Railway museum at Christmas it is really magical x

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