Alphablocks Reading Programme

Mouse is still not in school, a subject I won’t dwell on too much today – that is a post for another day! We worry that she is missing out on things by not yet being in school, but we are trying to do things at home to encourage her and to help her develop the areas she would do through school.

We are not teachers though, so are relying on conversations with people in the know and tools we can find. Alpha_reading_logo

We were really grateful to be asked to take a look at the Alphablocks Reading Programme; Alphablocks magazine have launched the reading programme to support children of 4 and 5 years old with their reading.

Phonics experts have designed the programme to provide children with 15 magazines (sent in three packs over 10 months) and other resources to assist the learning, fab items such as finger puppets, letter tiles, games and stickers.


We have received the first pack and Mouse is loving it and flying through it.We are working through the magazines and at times she doesn’t even want us to watch, she asks for help with the activity instructions and off she goes. She loves coming back to show us what she has done and how well she has done it.

The magazine include a variety of activities; colouring, writing, sticking, finding and Mouse is really enjoying everyone of them. At the end of each activity there is a gold star for the page to say that it has been completed.

The way the programme is designed Mouse can take ownership of her own learning, she asks to do some of ‘her letters’ and will let us know how much support she needs. Mouse’s reading is coming on great and the best thing is she enjoying it so wants to do much and keep on learning! Screen Shot 2014-12-02 at 22.57.15

I am so happy there are things out there like this that can help parents to support their children and that help the children to learn. We are loving the programme and will be telling you much more about it as we work through the books and the packs.


  1. I think this is a great scheme for children, we have it and Mister B is really enjoying it, keen to learn and do the activities although we are taking things slowly as he is only 4. Fingers crossed for some good news for Mouse soon. xx

  2. This sounds like a great help. My son used to love Alphablocks and I am sure it helped with his phonics. I hope Mouse gets sorted with her place soon but until then it sounds like you are doing a great job x

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