Angel Delight Ice Cream! (Review)

I am sure you all know by now that this family loves food, fun and making stuff! So, how excited were we when we were sent some Angel Delight Ice Cream Mix to try? Erm….just a little tiny jump up and down with a cherry on top excited!

So, when I calmed down a little, I suddenly thought about making ice cream with Legs and Mouse, is it such a good idea? Would it be really hard? Stressful? Messy? Well, the really pleasing answer is no!

It is actually really simple, not stressful at all and not even very messy (apart from when mummy put the electric whisk on before putting it in the mixture – whoops!)

So here is what you do, take one packet of ice cream mix (we did make both butterscotch and chocolate flavours), add it to milk, whisk until it has doubled in quantity, add any extras (chocolate bits to the chocolate one and hard shelled chocolate sweets to the Butterscotch for us), pop into a plastic tub and freeze!

The kids (2 and 4 years old) loved it, they were getting to make their own Ice Cream and they could do it without too much help, they were even happy to wait for me to whisk up the mixture, because they were able to add the mixture together, add their bits, put in the tub and put in to freeze! You have to freeze for four hours, but we did ours in the evening, ready for a treat the next day!

So, what was the result! We love Angel Delight (butterscotch being my favourite), but can they really make Ice Cream too……Oh My Word, sorry,what I mean to say is Oh My Word…it was delicious! The kids (and Daddy) had it in cones and it was wolfed down in seconds. Legs and Mouse took great pleasure in telling their cousin that they had made it and were more than willing to share to show off their talents!

So, what does mummy think? Well, Butterscotch is still my favourite, but now I can have as Angel Delight or Angel Delight Ice Cream, it is creamy, easy to make and has all the flavour you would expect from Angel Delight!

Now I am peckish, is it wrong to eat ice cream at bedtime?

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