Aquafresh Kids – A Review

Right from Monkey being teeny tiny, I have always wanted a good bedtime routine; realistically I am not a very routine focussed person, I normally prefer to go with the flow.  Having said that I know that a good bedtime routine has so many advantages!

We have ‘calm down’ time before bed which often includes a book. We love to read and bedtime is the perfect time to snuggle up with the kids to enter a story of adventure and fun!

Aquafresh Kids recently did a survey and found that even though a lot of parents have limited time, the bedtime story is common across families; in fact they found that parents nowadays appear to be reading to their children more frequently than when they were little themselves, with almost three quarters of parents (70%) telling bedtime stories to their children more than five nights per week and half (50%) reading every single night.

Daddy and I have always found the story time to be a great time to bond with our two, and it seems 64% of the parents surveyed agree with this too!


The survey also found that 1% of parents tell stories during teeth brushing time, we have always sung songs or done funny rhymes but not tried storytelling – we will now though!

Of course, brushing teeth is part of that routine!  Aquafresh have a great range of brushes and paste to help make the tooth brushing time more fun. At the minute Monkey has a Crocodile and Mouse has a tiger brush. They are really funky, they are the right size to hold and they have suckers on the bottom to keep them standing up.  They have soft bristles perfect for little teeth and bristle covers (in the shape of the animals heads) for keeping them clean.

The kids love them and it is much easier to brush a child’s teeth who is pretending to be a tiger!

The toothpaste is a hit too, my two don’t really like a minty taste, but this is mild enough for them (or it could be the stripes that help distract them!).Brush2

Thank you to Aquafresh for sending us samples for an honest review.


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  1. My 2 have similar toothbrushes and we always use the Aquafresh toothpaste. We’ve had to put a chart up in the bathroom to encourage brushing as it was getting a bit slack in the mornings before school but now they are keen to make sure they don’t miss a sticker on their chart!

  2. I have been stuggling to find a good toothbrush that my son can use confidently on his own. I think I will have to go back to Aquafresh as we always used them when he was younger and didn’t have a problem. I Like the cute covers too nice idea

  3. I hate tooth brushing time! Ethan is really good now and I know he does a great job but Fyfa is a nightmare! I have to hold her really still to get the toothbrush anywhere near her mouth!

  4. We’ve got those toothbrushes with the suction cups on them. They’re great for the bathroom

  5. I think the suckers are a great idea, and the toothbrushes look lovely. We can’t use that toothpaste as our water isn’t flouridated, so everyone has to use adult toothpaste 🙂

  6. We use these brushes and this tooothpaste, the 3-5 range does contain flouride so it’s great for children of that age.

  7. We have that toothbrush – the crocodile and we use that toothpaste too. It’s a great brush to take on holidays too with the head to cover the brush. We’re big fans here.

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