Art Therapy Colouring Books from Parragon

Colouring books for grown ups are becoming more and more popular; I have one – in fact I have more than one and I love it. I know it is not for everyone but I find it so relaxing to sit and colour, it also massages your creative juices which is brilliant.

The biggest problem I have with my colouring books is that the Mouse always wants to share them! Well I think Parragon may have the answer to that. 13084049_10156908633305445_13283951_nThese Art Therapy Books are fantastic, we have a Disney Princess one and a Frozen one. They are perfect for Mouse and perfect for me! They are designed perfectly to suit an adult, the patterns are lovely and provide plenty of room for creativity.

Of course the topics of princesses and Frozen are very popular with Mouse so they are perfectly designed for her too!

Some of the pages feature the characters and some are filled with patterns that are relevant to the topic (lots of snowflakes and icy looking ones in the Frozen one).

They are good quality with a cardboard front and back covers; the paper for the colouring pages is relatively thick – not too flimsy and perfect to be used with pencils or felt tips!

It really is relaxing to sit and colour, satisfying to see what you create and fun to sit down with the children and do the same activity! So, get out your colouring pencils and find some calm!

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