Away in my aeroplane – #Parragon Review

“Riding along in my airplane, I wave to the sun, I should to the rain. Then with a roar of my motors that drowns me out, I dash straight up in the air and wheel about.”

See the birds way up high and the people way down below in this rhyme full of movement, wonder, and excitement.”

I love it when a new book arrives from Parragon, Monkey and Mouse love reading and we love sharing books at family time!

When ‘Away in my Aeroplane’ arrived I knew instantly that we would love it. The illustration on the front is so full of fun and drawn so well that I just knew it! Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 21.38.35

The words are lovely and tell the tale as the boy flies in his aeroplane and what he sees. It is one of those stories that makes you feel a part of it. Rhyming words and pictures that are awesome. A lovely book that boys and girls enjoy together.

It is a book to be shared by parents and children, or read alone! So, Parragon have done it again with a lovely book! Find it here on Amazon.


Disclaimer: We were sent a copy of the book to check out, all opinions are honest

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  1. This is a lovely book , we have it too!

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