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Last weekend we headed to the Lands’ End HQ in Oakham (Rutland) for a fun-filled day of styling, games and a boat ride!

I will be honest I didn’t know a lot about Lands’ End before the day, my mother in law had mentioned it in the past (and has bought from it) as she lives in Rutland, but I have never experienced them so I was going into the day blind. In my head they were a brand who did women’s clothes but I didn’t know what their range entailed.

When we arrived I could tell instantly that we were in for a very good day and I was pleasantly surprised to see that actually they did Children’s and Men’s wear too.

The day started we a lovely lunch and a chance to have a look around some of the clothes that they offered – I have never seen Monkey so happy in a shopping situation; he was loving the tops for children.  The tops had a massive variety of colours and designs, a lot of them were educational too. Monkey was picking them up saying ‘I love this because we have done space at school’ and ‘Dinosaurs are my favourite, this tells me all about it’.

I asked him what his favourite was and he picked out a tiger with headphones because it was ‘Epic’!  However, throughout the day his favourite changed and by the end he had five favourites!


Mouse was just as happy with the selection for her; what was really nice to see was that there were designs that went across the boys and girls ranges, the only difference being the fit. Mouse particularly liked an astronaut design as it was blue and science based! There were so many cool designs that Mouse couldn’t even start to pick a favourite!


After we had finished eating the Monkey and the Mouse joined the other children in a games room  and they both loved it, they played on the Wii, did crafts, had their faces painted and took part in games.


Whilst they were doing that we learnt about Lands’ End, their history and their products. The company was founded by a man called Gary Comer and I have to be honest he sounds like an amazing man. The way the Lands’ End staff talk about him makes it obvious that he was lovely and an inspiration; there are a few values that he bought to the company that you can tell still live on

“Do what’s right for the Customer, the rest will take care of itself” 

The company started out in 1963 and was supplying Sailing equipment after Gary had spotted a gap in the market, there was limited clothing included amongst the items but in 1977 the first all clothing catalogue was launched.  I am really impressed with the range of clothing including the men’s, women’s and kids.

I fell in love with a coat and it is on my Christmas LIst and hubby (who tends to live in t-shirt and jeans) found a jumper that he liked.  All of the clothing is well made and stylish, but what really impressed me are the additional features that were added into the kids range – there are iron knees in the trousers (additional layers around the knees of boys trousers to give them extra durability) and Grow-A-Longs in coats (stitching on the inside of sleeves that can be removed to give extra length and years to the coat).

I will be completely honest and tell you that I was not aware of how big the range of clothes was at Lands’ End and I loved the fact that there was something for everyone, I found items that I loved, some that were good for my parents and in-laws and a whole load of things for the kids. I have put together an A-Z of the things I associate with Land’s End – I hope you like it!

To top the day off we were taken on a lovely boat trip on Rutland Water, it was a lovely end to a lovely day and really made us feel connected to the beginning of Lands’ End, ok we weren’t sailing but we did see lots of sailing on the Water. The boat trip was fantastic, so much to see and really bought the day to a wonderful end. We were given a goody bag too that included a coat, blanket and some gloves. There will be a separate post telling you about them. I would really recommend checking out Land’s End.

Reader’s Discount

If you find something (or more than one something) you like then there is a great offer for you from them in the form of a 30% discount!! It is valid until the 31st October 2015.  All you have to do is enter code LESTYLE in the Enter Promotion Code field in the Shopping Bag page and click apply.

Terms and Conditions of Discount: This discount applies to Lands’ End products only and orders have to be placed before 23.59pm on 31st October.  Not to be used with any other offers, cannot be exchanged for cash, used to purchase gift vouchers, concession items, or other Lands’ End services such as gift boxing. Cannot be redeemed against previous orders or purchases and will be applied pro-rata across all discounted items in your basket.

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  1. I’ve not heard of them before but it looks like great clothing, really different designs too. Sounds like a great day!

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