Baking, Cleaning and New Love with #ovenpride

Monkey, Mouse and myself were sent a baking kit and some Oven Pride this week to take part in an Oven Pride challenge.Ovenpride 1I love cooking and baking, I don’t get to do it very much but I love it. Both the children are really getting into it too and whenever I say I am going to make something, the inevitable ‘can i help?’ comes from one or both of them. It adds to my love of it really, it gives us some real bonding time, we have fun and then chat over the end product!

In the kit there were four recipes to choose from, we decided (well the children decided) that we should start with making the Ginger Bread Biscuits. We got the ingredients ready, donned our chefs hats and got to work! Ovenpride 2

This is my new favourite Ginger Bread recipe, It is a one pan recipe which makes it easier for baking with the Monkey and the Mouse. You had to cool the mixture in the fridge for a couple of hours which gave us time to snuggle up with a film and then we went back to the rolling, cutting and cooking!

Next we decided to give the homemade baked beans a try (we were going to do it with the meatballs (but mummy accidentally forgot to buy the meat mince, so we will be having them in a couple of days), so Daddy said we should opt for sausages instead. Ovenpride 3

I think the only thing I need to tell you about the beans is what Monkey said “Thank you for these home-maded beans, they are AWESOME!”.

A delicious meal enjoyed by all, and made even better by the fact it was a family affair!

The final part of the challenge was the bit no one looks forward to, the cleaning up! I was sent a box of Oven Pride to help with this. Now, I have a confession to make…..I hate cleaning my oven!

I don’t mean hate as in the ‘I avoid it a little and then do it’ sense, I mean hate ‘I don’t like it, I don’t do it and when I do it is probably more of a wipe down than a clean’

There I said it! Do I feel better for getting it out there? No. Am I a bit embarrassed that my oven is yucky? Yes!

So, if there is any challenge for the oven pride, it is my oven! I know most people’s will want to know whether it is easy to use and the answer is a resounding yes. In the box you get the bottle of oven pride, a giant plastic bag and a pair of rubber gloves.

You put your oven shelves into the bag (wearing the gloves of course) and pour in half the bottle of liquid, seal the bag, fold it around the shelves and leave for 2 hours. After 2 hours you give the bag a bit of a tilt to re-coat the shelves and then leave for 4 hours (or overnight).

For the main but of the oven you pour in the rest of the liquid, wipe it around and leave for the 4 hours (or overnight). After the time has gone your rinse the shelves and wipe down the oven with warm soapy water.

You can see my vine video of the process here!

Ovenpride 4

Oh my word! Sorry what I actually mean is Oh My WORD! I have never been so excited cleaning my oven….well cleaning anything as I was when I took the shelf out and started to rinse! Do you know my shelf is actually silver!

I always knew my oven was grim, but I don’t think I realised how much! I believed that I would never get the front properly clean because that’s how ovens go. I can now see through the door, I can see what I am cooking!!

My husband was laughing at me when I was jumping around saying have you seen how clean it is?! Have you!!!???

I actually said the words, “if this costs £10, it would be worth buying regularly to make oven cleaning that easy and that good!”

I am please to tell you I have since looked and it costs a lot less than £10, so from this day forward I will have a clean oven!

Ovenpride 5

Disclaimer: I was sent the baking kit and the Oven Pride for the purpose of this post. This post is my entry to become a Pride of Oven Pride Blogger, however I have remained honest at all times!


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  1. Oh my word indeed, can you come and do mine please?

  2. I’ve used it before and it really is amazing isn’t it – reminds me I need to do it again!

  3. I really need to use this on my oven

  4. i only use oven pride cos they are good. not use other brand!

  5. The recipes are great aren’t they. I’m saving my big oven clean until after Monkey’s party at the end of the week.

  6. I hate cleaning my oven too. I make Husband do it. LOL

  7. I hate doing mine too, but might try this out!

  8. That oven is sparkling clean. I did mine a little while ago and the outcome seriously wasn’t worth the effort put in – I think Mr Muscle can clear off, Oven Pride is obviously a lot better. I’d like to be able to see what I’m cooking too!

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