Bank Holiday with Morrisons #MorrisonsMum

What does the Bank Holiday mean in your house? Here it tends to mean family time, food, time with friends, food and chilling out with food!

We try to fill it with quality time and fun and this does often mean a need for quick meals, cheap meals or meals that feed more than just the four of us!

Morrisons lent us a helping hand with last weeks Bank Holiday, firstly they lowered prices (bonus) and secondly they sent me some vouchers to give their food a go (double bonus!). IMG_20140503_174758

So off we headed to the local store and started to fill the trolley. Our local store is not one of the big ones but still had loads of variety and you could instantly see where prices had been lowered as the shelves had yellow markers (there were a lot of them!).

There are literally offers and cheaper prices in every section, some of my instant favourites are the ‘3 for £1.50’ on selected fruit and veg, the price drops on wine and the Family Meal Deal for £6.00.

Let’s start with that!  We thought the meal deal would be perfect for a quick and easy meal for the four of us, we chose the Beef Cottage Pie, a side of vegetables and a Rhurbarb Pie for pudding. To top off we bought some cream (90p) for the pie and two individual trifles (40p each) for Monkey and Mouse as they are not that keen on Rhurbarb.


I have to say for a ‘convenience’ type dinner it was delicious, and so nice to have easy to prepare fresh veg!  The Rhubarb Pie was amazing!  You can see a Vine Video here to get yourself drooling!

The whole dinner worked out as £1.93 each for a two course dinner – I think this is fantastic value (especially as there was enough cottage pie left for Daddy to have it again the next day and enough Rhurbarb pie of both of us because the kids had trifle!)

It really is a bargain isn’t it?!

What else was on our menu for the weekend? Well, we are British, it threatened rain and we had an extra day off work, so of course we opted for a BBQ Buffet.

We invited over some friends and had a blast, the food served us as dinner and lunch the next day too!


We bought the Instalight Charcoal (bag of 4 instant light bags for £10.00), we bought the burgers, mushrooms and chicken for kebabs, all the salad and bread and even managed to pick up some reduced Chicken Drumsticks! It was a tasty bash and lots of fun! It is difficult to work out a price per head but I know that we got value for money!

We were given £80 in vouchers and within the shop got our usual teabags, lunchbox bits, bread, drinks and even a few extras – Kettle Chips, Cobra beer and Wine made a great Saturday night treat for me and hubby!

We also got meals for the rest of the week including Pasta with Vegetarian Mince and Past Sauce (55p per portion), Sweet and Sour Chicken and vegetables with noodles (£1.23 each person) and a simple pizza and chips (53p for each).

IMAG1191IMAG1197IMAG1183IMAG1188We are impressed with the new cheaper Morrisons, we got our normal weeks shopping (for 2 adults and 2 children), extras for the bank holiday, a few treats and even the charcoal with a couple of pounds change from the £80.


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  1. We got the choc-o-pillows too! They were very popular, I didn’t get to try them 🙂

  2. Looks like you got some great bargains. Your cottage pie sounds yummy!

  3. Looks like you got some great deals there.

  4. Great that you managed to get outside for a bbq and you got a great selection of meals for the week. The Rhubarb pie and cream sounds good!

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