BBB – Night 2/Day 3!

Just a quickie update on the Big Boy Bed situation. First night Little ‘un went down as normal, no problems -we had a bit of a fit at 3.45 am for an hour with crying etc, but after he went down again, he slept till 8.15! We were pleased with how the first night went,  think we got off easy with just an hour of messing!

Anyhoo, last night was night two – and it went brilliantly, again no messing at bed time, just night night and off he went at half seven, then the next we heard from him was seven this morning – so he slept through in his new bed! Well chuffed!

Let’s hope this continues and he doesn’t lure us into thinking all is ok and then start the games!

Signing off to do some jobs before he wakes from his nap!

Bye, Kel x

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