Bedtimes Tips

Here is a my 3 best sleep tips

1) Bedtime routine – as much as I don’t like routines, a bedtime routine is a good idea. The routine indicates to your little one when it is sleep time, as soon as the routine starts they begin to wind down (most of the time!). Our routine isn’t classed as normal, it is not bath, milk, bed – never has been, both of my kids love the bath and this has led to hyperactivity at bedtime. So our routine is Calm down play, PJs, books downstairs and then last book in bed, cuddles and light out!

2) Comfort – ensure the bed and bedroom is this right environment for your child to sleep in. The right temperature, teddies/blanket and the right sized bed!

3) Cuddles! Always finish the night off we a cuddle and/or kiss and an ‘I love you’!

These won’t guarantee sleep every night, but they work for us. Also, now they are used to sleeping we don’t have to follow these to the letter every night, just most for consistency!



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