Mar 18

Being in a relationship can save you money!

On the 31st March it will be our wedding anniversary, we will have been married for seven years. I love being married; having someone to make decisions with, someone to curl up with on a cold evening and just generally being ‘in it together’!

But did you know that being in a relationship can save you money?

How being in a relationship can save you money
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  1. Fiona Martin

    I do agree that it’s cheaper living as a couple although a little thing called children usually comes along and makes it more expensive! lol Anyway congrats on 7 years, your wedding anniversary is 3 days after mine. 🙂

  2. Pippa Ainsworth

    I think two can live just as cheaply as one. Things tend to get expensive when children come along though!

  3. Tina Mansfield

    I think its cheeper to own a house as a couple, but I know I would spend less on cleaning etc if I didn’t have another half!!

  4. spicers1976

    It’s cheaper for us as a couple

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