Mar 30

Birthdays and Birthday Cake!

The end of March is a busy time for celebrations for us; we have birthdays, anniversaries and to throw in the mix a retirement this year! So over the last week both Monkey and Mouse have become a year older.

Mouse is now 6 and is growing into one amazing little lady; after the massive delay of her starting school you would not be able to tell at all. She is where she should be in relation to her peers and is excelling in some areas within school and most importantly she is loving going every day.

Wherever Mouse goes she spreads kindness and people often comment on how caring and lovely she is. She loves all things pink and girly but is also rough and tumble and loves nothing more than being outside and getting muddy! Her current favourite toys are her Lalaloopsy Dolls and her My little Ponies and she really loved crafting. Each year I make a cake for them and try to decorate with something they love, so this year Mouse got a My little Pony Cake! 12895359_10156786467055445_72765054_n

Monkey is now an 8-year-old young man; I have really noticed a change in him this year, he has become older – which I know seems strange but I can really see why children become a ‘Junior’ at this age, I have seen that this is a different stage of life. Saying that he is still young enough to be a child, he looks his toys – his superhero Mashers, figures and still has his favourite teddy who he must have to sleep with at night. He has become a real bookworm and he is loving the Captain Underpants range of books. He is enjoying life and can make anyone laugh – bringing a  smile to any room!

Monkey loves Sonic the hedgehog and even dressed as his for World Book Day – so his cake was Dr Eggman — Sonic’s arch nemesis! 12919253_10156786495110445_1871729105_n

We have had a great time celebrating and we are looking forward to seeing what the next year brings!


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  1. Sam McKean

    Brilliant cakes, very talented!

  2. Tina Mansfield

    Fab cakes, and ones I’m sure they will remember. I have 6 months to think cake, and have no idea what to do this year!

  3. Kat Allinson

    I love these cakes, amazing!

  4. Denise C

    Wow, great cakes.

  5. Helen A

    Wow you’re really talented, love the My Little Pony cake!

  6. Victoria Prince

    Brilliant cakes! Wish I had your eye 🙂 Happy belated birthday to both of them!

  7. Fiona Martin

    The cakes are both fab!! Happy Birthday to Monkey and Mouse!

  8. Eileen Teo

    Happy birthday to both of them. Your cakes look great!

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