Bonfire Night

I love Bonfire Night, to me it is the start of winter. I love the tradition that it is a family night, a night that includes snuggling up warmly and eating yummy food!

I always think back to bonfire night as I was growing up with fondness, wrapping up in scarf, hat and gloves. Waving about sparklers, trying to write my name and eating mushy peas and mint sauce from a polystyrene cup – Yum!!  We are not going anywhere for fireworks tonight, the displays start a bit late for our little ones and it is rainy! But we are still having hot dogs, chips and Minty peas, and we will watch fireworks out of the window!

So what do you do, do you love it or hate it?


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    • mariawriter on November 5, 2011 at 19:50
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    We used to have a bonfire party in our village, until they stopped it. Fire and thatched roofs don’t mix well! Although that doesn’t explain how we managed to have them without one randomly going up in flames all the years that it went ahead.

    Shame, it was always a fun night and I loved seeing the bonfire getting bigger each day on the lead up to the big night.

    As I type I can see fireworks going off near me.

    Enjoy your night.


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