Book Review – Talking to Terrorists

I was sent the book ‘Talking to Terrorists: A Personal Journey from the IRA to Al Qaeda’ by Peter Taylor from WHSmith to review

Well I have to be honest, when the book arrived, I thought it probably wasn’t my thing at all, although I love ‘real life’ books, this looked a little too real life for me! So, I kept leaving it, picking it up, reading the cover and leaving it a bit longer. But after a while I thought I should at least give it a go, so I picked a quiet moment and opened it up and started to read….

…..and it was good, in fact it was very good. This book is easy to read, really interesting and certainly keeps your attention!  If you like true life stuff, this is a book for you, especially if you are interested in controversy, terrorism or journalism! This man devoted 30 years of his life to investigate ‘troubles’!

So, if you are looking for a book, give this one a try!

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