BrainBox Squiggle Dinosaurs – Review

Do all kids love Dinosaurs or is it just mine?

Both the Monkey and the Mouse love them, running around all over the place, roaring, being mummy dinosaur or baby dinosaur. They love to read about them, play games about them – anything!

We recently got sent a ‘Squiggle Dinosaur on the go‘. Is it a doodle book? Is it a game? Is it a plane? Well, actually it is all (apart from the plane!). It is made up of a pad of 100 pages each with a squiggle on (each unique), the idea is to spin the spinner and draw the corresponding dinosaur using the squiggle as part of it!

Both Monkey and Mouse wanted to play (well it had dinosaurs on), we span the spinner and left them to draw. They didn’t recognise all of the dinosaur types, but we just let them use their imagination.

Squiggle Dinosaurs

We had loads of fun, Daddy even joined in with the drawing (Mummy is not much of an artist, so watched and cheered them on). They did give up on the spinner after a bit and just wanted to draw from their own imagination but that is great too, it gives the game a new dimension.

I think if my two  were a little older they would have stuck to the spinner, but it really didn’t take out any of the enjoyment them not using it!

I can see it being great for travelling and keeping them entertained in the car, on a train or even in a hotel room or a tent. It is small enough to pop in a handbag, so could even be taken to a meal out to keep the kids entertained between courses!

The bonus is that it also comes in other themes too, so plenty to choose from!


Disclaimer: We were sent this item for the purpose of the review, all opinions are honest.



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  1. this looks cool, we have an animals one of this but dinos looks great!

  2. cool idea, great to keep kids busy

  3. We had the alphabet game which has the same ideas from Brain Box. It is a fab game!
    Not easy to draw.

    Your son drawing is fab!

  4. That looks great – so different from anything else I’ve seen before! My son loves dinosaurs too!

  5. Looks like fun

  6. That looks fun and the dinosaur theme.

  7. I think that’s a great idea – brilliant for getting the creative juices flowing! 🙂

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