Brightlings Review

Mouse (like many other children I guess) has a biggish collection of dolls that seems to be ever increasing, She loves her dolls and loves to have more dolls when she finds something a little different from the ones she has. 14914562_10157739382385445_692392370_nBrightlings are interactive Plush dolls that sing and talk, they come in three colours (Pink, Purple and Teal) and they are sooooo cute! Mouse was very happy when ours arrived, especially because she was pink and she named her ‘Sparkle’ – immediately they were friends. Monkey thought that it was a bit young for him and a bit ‘girly’.

The Brightling requires 3 x AAA which were included (a major plus point in my eyes as it means you can play as soon as you get it).  Her face lights up and the mouth ‘moves’ when she speaks or sings. 14963044_10157740496455445_371533108_n

There are three modes to use the Brightling in –  ‘Play’, ‘Music’ and ‘Repeat’ and Mouse enjoys them all!

In the play mode your Brightling talks, she says loads of different things (over a hundred phrases) and I quite often hear Mouse and Sparkle chatting away in what seems like a conversation. When in Record sparkle can record and repeat what you say and when in Music mode; the brightling creates songs in different styles.  Mouse loves to hear Sparkle Beatbox!

In fact Mouse loves to do almost anything with Brightling, she knows that the bath probably wouldn’t be good though because of the batteries! 14914599_10157740495260445_1519403077_n

The Brightling is really easy to use, her hands, ears and tummy hold buttons that you use to make her do things and she provides lots of fun. Her voice can change  tones by the direction you hold her in and her face lights up bright and several different colours!

Although her the front of her head/face is hard, she is soft enough to cuddle, her body is all push and squidgly. I quite often find Sparkle in Mouse’s bed with her, snuggled up and being cuddled. 14914594_10157740495935445_999469073_nThe Brightling is very well made and doesn’t look like she will fall apart or break anytime soon. There are no parts on her that are worrying and being aimed at 4 years and up is perfect. The best thing about the Brightling dolls are that they are a little bit unique, we have not seen anything looking like them before and the fact that you can interact with them make them even more fun!

Sorry for the bad quality video (and the fact it seems to have recorded in portrait) but I just wanted to show you a brief clip of the sound and fun of the Brightling.

Mouse genuinely loves her new doll, she likes the fact she is different to her others dolls, that she can talk to her and that she is pink! When I asked her what she thought about her, she said that ‘sparkle is the best!’ and that she was ‘awesome’. Another favourite from Spinmaster – and definitely one that is going to be loved for a long time!

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