BritMums Live Sponsor Plea!

Two Bloggers for One Sponsorship!

How does that sound?

Well that is what you would get if you chose to sponsor us for BritMums Live!

BritMums Live, is a huge opportunity for Louise and I, not only is it a chance to meet like minded people, network with bloggers and companies but it will also be amazing for us and our blogs. It will enhance what we do and how we do it, giving us tips and help us improve the support and information we give to others!

We would love to work with a brand/company that we believe in and that compliments our lives and blogs as Mummys, women, bloggers and more!

So what is the deal?

Who we are:

Kelly – A wife, mummy, blogger and full time worker (Family Worker).  Mum to two bundles of joy, Legs – a fab 4 year old boy and Mouse – a lovely 2 year old girl.  The blog; Writings, Ramblings and Reviews, is exactly what the title says, a place where I ramble about me, my family and life, I post reviews and when I am feeling brave I share my poems/writings! I also blog over at ‘Piddley Pix – The Blog!‘ for the small business my hubby runs!

Louise – A wife, Married mum of Bella a 6 year old princess and carrier of bump (due November) and Business Owner! Louise blogs at Baby Signing Mummy – the blog covers all aspects of her life including the business itself. Louise built the business around her family and that comes through her writing and at Team Lloyd (her new pregnancy blog!)

What you get from us:

  • We would be your representatives, people would know we are sponsored by you and in itself that is promotion to a lot of mummy (and possibly some Daddy) bloggers!
  • A blog post introducing you as our sponsor on all four of the blogs written between us and a mention in any blog post about the event
  • Our blogs would become a promotional tool for you, we would happily have blog posts, competitions or review of your products
  • You would be given an badge and link to your website on Writings, Ramblings and Reviews and Piddley Pix – The blog for a year
  • We will Tweet about about you being our sponsor, before and during the event;
  • We will wear badges or Tshirts/hoodies as required by you! (Afraid the rules say no giant branded costumes – I know disappointing!)

What we need from a sponsor:

To not put it too bluntly, we need some financial backing. We have got our tickets for BritMums Live itself already (thanks to hubby’s small business), but to ensure we can go we are looking for the following:

  • Return Train Ticket from Nottingham to London for Kelly – £50 (This is the advanced price)
  • Return Train Ticket for Louise – £30 (This is the advanced price)
  • Hotel Rooms – £300-500 (As I am travelling from Nottingham this is for two nights stay, depending on the hotel, we may be able to share a room!

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